Wisconsin Resident Relates Alien Abduction

Date: 15 November, 2017.

Place: Manitowoc, State of Wisconsin, United States.

On 15 November, a very strange event was reported in the small city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident was allegedly abducted by some unidentified entities and taken to disc-shaped craft “about 30 feet in diameter”.

“I woke up at 02:00 a.m. I remember looking at the clock. I felt a presence in my room but was not alarmed at all; [it was] more like a feeling of secure. The next thing I knew was walking out back on the porch because I was asked to”, the unnamed witness stated. “There was a figure standing next to me, and whoever she was, she felt like I knew her. She did not say a word, but I understood thoughts coming from her and she made me feel calm. When I looked her way, I could see her smiling at me”, he added.

The surprised witness affirmed that the feminine entity showed him a group of colourful objects in the sky. One of these objects (a disc-shaped ship) reportedly descended and landed in the backyard. “She [the entity] turned my way and then looked up like if she was saying ‘Look up!’ She did this a few times, so I looked up. There were colours and objects in the sky; it felt good to look at them”, the Manitowoc resident described. “Then, a disc what I thought (after going out back the next morning), was about 30 feet in diameter came towards me. [It made] no noise, nothing. It lowered itself silently into the yard and came to stop at approximately 10 feet from the ground”, he affirmed.

“I felt an energy attached to my right side. When the energy connected, it made my body vibrate. It felt like it was drawing to me like a magnet; there was this force and I remember feeling the draw, and when it attached, it had a hold on me that basically rendered me powerless”, the author of the report expressed. “[There was] zero pain. [I was] feeling very calm and secure and floating kind of at a 45-degree angle towards the ship, and this is when time/memory stopped. There was no pain, no terror, actually no emotion that I can remember other than calm”, he continued.

“The next thing I remember is floating over my bed for a few seconds then being placed back in it by four beings, but could not see who they were or recognise anything about them”, he said. “Next thing I realised was the alarm waking me up at 06:30 a.m.”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=88037&rnd=

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