Black Alien Runs Across Wooded Area In Crestview, Florida

Date: 20 November, 2017.

Place: Crestview, State of Florida.

A couple of weeks ago, more specifically on 20 November, a very unusual event was reported in the small city of Crestview, Florida.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident allegedly spotted what he described said was a “jet black entity” running across a wooded area.

“I was taking my usual, evening walk and witnessed a jet black entity running from the woods, across the street, and what I assumed to be down a cul-de-sac”, the witness stated. “The entity ran below a street light, but had no reflection, like Vantablack colour”, he added.

The Florida man explained that the alleged alien entity was not wearing any kind of clothes, which made it even stranger. “I expected to see a rippling of clothing, but I could not see any clothing bulges” he affirmed. In his opinion, the creature looked like “the male figure on bathroom signs”. “Imagine the male figure on bathroom signs; that is essentially what it looked like as it ran across the road”, he described.

In addition, another feature that drew the attention of the witness was the way the dark entity moved. According to his testimony, the unknown being had “a bad running form”. “It [the entity] also had bad running form. Instead of keeping the arms tight and proper, this entity kind of flailed its arms about as it ran”, he said. “The arm motions were certainly exaggerated”, he asserted.

Finally, the Crestview resident expressed that when he arrived to the road where he had seen the creature, he found out that it had disappeared. “As I approached the area, I hyped myself up and passed the cross section of road, but there was no one in sight”, he claimed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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