Terrorism: Manipulative Aliens Prepare Hostile Take-Over Agenda?

ABC-TV's now cancelled V science fiction TV series (clip above) presented a story line in which manipulative and hostile reptilian aliens sought to disguise themselves as 'people' in order to infiltrate various elite organizations on Earth in order to implement a hostile alien take-over with minimized resistance.

Aliens were depicted to have successfully usef their artificial-intelligence to clone human flesh over a reptilian internal body structure and to then pursue the control of various human hosts through techniques of mind control or manipulation.

For years, David Icke has claimed this to be true and now more and more evidence is coming out of such entities lacking empathy like those depicted in "V" operating in various organizations which include academic organization, the mass media, the police and justice systems.

In one such current example in Ottawa, Canada, a father and daughter were apparently abducted and have been using the mother for some some of bizarre medical experiments for the past two years.  When the son sought to liberate his Mom from the human-appearing father and sister, the sister who is an apparent Earth-stationed commander called out her operatives working among local police and the judiciary to block the son from gaining access to the conditions of abuse and violence under these apparent alien entities.

The entities has been subjecting the Mother to continual atrocious medical experiments which caused her to loose the ability to walk, write and talk and have been a captive of these alleged aliens since late April 2015.

It was Micheal Salla who suggested that much of science fiction on TV is "hiding the truth" in plain sight, and it appears that "V" might have been one of those cases.

Just before the father was fully abducted by these aliens, he would have violent behviours accompanied by his eyes almost bulging from his head as if he was being possessed by a 'demon' and then would afterwards become hysterical about "the threat of Extraterrestrials".

The father also had claimed to be contacted by aliens in his dream states after he had a "Near Death Experience". These alleged aliens most recently demanded that humans must become members of a "Bio-Electrical Union".

The emboldened activities of these aliens against an elderly woman in Ottawa suggests a more widespread campaign of alien abductions might be imminent toward a planned totalitarian control of Earth by V-like aliens that seek to enslave the human race.

In Michael Salla's "Typology of Extraterrestrials", he suggests that the prevailing context of "global terrorism" is a ruse concocted by a "federation of manipulative aliens" who have infiltrated human institutions through faked terrorist scenarios conducted by these embedded operatives which are being used to "militarize" the planet under a climate of fear and under a "New World Order" under the control of regressive aliens. 

Dr. Salla says that a "Military-Industrial Complex of Extraterrestrial" interests of "MIEC" has orchestrated "terrorism" through alien-controlled operatives that have also mis-directed Earth's institutions from dealing with fundamental problems of environmental protection and social justice in favour of pushing our planet into a state of chaos which they seek to exploit through their operatives.

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