Ottawa Lawyer Defends Demonic Alien Archons Locally

Suppose you're an alien who has done bad enough things to get you into conflict with humans?  Well, you might need the services of a lawyer.

According to an "observer", alleged reptilians have abducted both a father and daughter since at least some time in 2014 in order to conduct bizarre experiments against the mother.

The son has been continuing to seek to liberate the mother from these two alleged human-appearing reptilians

The two alleged reptilians had originally contacted archons within the police back in early January 2015 revealing a network of alien operatives that both David Icke and Dr Michael Salla alleges exist.

When the son sought to sue the apparent human-appearing alien archon operatives among the police who have been seeking to cover-up the abuse by these apparent aliens operating in human flesh, the daughter, who is the apparent commander of this operation hired an Ottawa law firm.

According to other lawyers, this law firm has developed quite a sinister reputation even among lawyers and appears to be a front for the coordination of alien activities.

When the son sought to take matters in court, it became further apparent that not only are there manipulative alien operatives among the police but also alien operatives among judges.

Like the police, the rogue judges that the Ottawa law firm alerted proceeded to coordinate the complete ignoring of any and all evidence presented by the son of abuses to police which would implicate the manipulative alien terrorists that are currently operating within the father and daughter with the legal support of an Ottawa law firm.

The rogue archon judges acting in behalf of alleged reptilians instigated nothing less than a laughable "Kangaroo Court" which not only declared "summary judgement" against the son acting to save his Mom from profound abuse and neglect, but have declared the son to be a so-called "vexatious litigant". 

His mother has continued to be an apparent captive in Ottawa under the forcible confinement of alleged manipulative aliens who appear to be part of a plot to take over the Earth through alleged portals in various parts of the Earth that they can use to focus alien-directed terrorism against Earthbound humans.

Lawyers like the one in Ottawa appear to be part of a coordinated plot with operatives within the police and justice system to thwart violations by these entities against local laws in which humans might seek to challenge through police complaints and legal action.

Dr. Michael Salla explores the clandestine activities of these manipulative aliens like the ones who have apparently abducted a father and daughter through his "Typology of Extraterrestrials".

In late April 2015 two alleged reptilians coordinated the eviction of the son as a result of him trying to protect his Mom from apparent alien-inspired experiments which made her sick and cause the father to become psychotic and paranoid about the "Threat of Extraterrestrials" in his conscious states before he was fully assimilated by alleged reptilian aliens.

Since April 2015 the son and mother have been prevented from seeing each other as a result of alleged alien interference which has been supported by both apparent police and judicial operatives which suggest a profound on-going alien conspiracy against human rights and freedoms.

As a result of these alleged alien activities, the Mom cannot flee, having not been able to walk, talk or write as a result of on-going abuse and "medical experiments" .  For more than two years now the Mom has been subjected to forcible confinement by these alleged manipulative alien entities that ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as archons or "artificial man".  Archons are a lower dimensional artificial intelligence lacking empathy. They are demonic entities and seek to operate through deception. 

Archons were critically documented by John Lamb Lash on

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