Power Up: Best Anti-Oxidant Trail Mix on the Market

There are quite a few anti-oxidant mixes in grocery and convenience stores.  But I would only recommend Power-Up's all-natural and gluten free mix.  I found it while travelling in upstate New York.  So, unfortunately this Brooklyn, New York product doesn't seem to be available in Canada.  But is should it.

It's excellent and I try to be very careful what I eat.

So many of these so-called anti-oxidant mixes  are laced with some kind of "stabilizer"; preservatives; bad oils or something else which leaves an immediate bad after-taste in my mouth which definitely is not the sign of a healthy product.

Power Up's trail mix was the first and only such anti-oxidant snack in which not only tasted delicious but I felt like I was actually eating something healthy.

This mix contains dried cranberries, raisins, dark chocolate chunks, dried blueberries, walnuts and peacans.

Overall as far as trail mixes on the market, I would rate this one an A+.


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