South Carolina Resident Affirms To Have Been Healed By Alien Beings

Date: 01 December, 2017.

Place: Knightsville, State of South Carolina, United States.

Last month, on 01 December, a very unusual incident occurred in Knightsville, a neighbourhood located in the small city of Summerville, South Carolina.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local woman affirmed to have been visited by some “grey beings” that allegedly cured her severe migraine.

“I went to sleep on Friday night [01 December] with a bad migraine. I woke up from a dream that night (early Saturday morning) and felt like there was something in my room. My daughter was sleeping in my bed with me and I hid us both under the blanket. She stayed asleep the whole night, including during this visitation”, the woman stated. “I was under the blanket when I suddenly felt a finger pressing down on my forehead, between my eyes. It wasn't a small finger; it was as if my dad (a large man) was pressing his finger between my eyes”, she commented.

The South Carolina resident then explained that she was utterly scared, so she decided to grab her phone to call her mother. However, when looked over the blanket, an unidentified entity suddenly appeared in front of her. “I started to panic and reluctantly came out of the blanket to grab my cell phone beside my bed and call my mom. When I peeked out of my blanket, I saw something in front of me. I could tell that there was something in front of me, but it looked like a mirage. I could see through it, but I could tell there was something there. I started panicking even more”, she asserted. “I told myself that I was seeing things and reached my hand out to prove that there was nothing there. I was wrong, and my grabbed onto what felt like a thin arm”, she commented.

“It really freaked me out, so I started frantically grabbing for my phone but it was dead and wouldn't turn back on. It was on the charger so this made no sense at all. Suddenly I was back into a dream state and a character from a TV show that I enjoy was standing in front of my trying to calm me down, but I felt like it was a being just appearing as something I am comfortable with”, the unnamed woman affirmed. “When I woke up again, I checked my phone and it was turned on and the time was 04:00 AM. My migraine was completely gone. The next day, I felt a bit off. Maybe a little traumatized, but the truth is that it was not scary. I didn't feel threatened or hurt; it just frightened me to wake up from a dream to that happening”, she explained.

Finally, the American lady claimed that she believes the finger that touched her belonged to a grey alien. “I saw in my mind's eye that it was a long grey finger. So, I believe it was a grey that visited me”, she mentioned.

Draw your own conclusions…

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