Aliens: US Marine Member Reveals He Spent 17 Years On Mars

In recent times, many researchers have theorised about the secret and obscure alliance that involves certain governments and extraterrestrial civilisations. One of the most renowned researchers in this field is Australian PhD Michael Salla, who has published countless articles and papers on undercover operations related to extraterrestrial life.

In an article published on February 2015 on, Mr Salla writes about US Marine Corps soldier Randy Cramer (aka Captain Kaye), who affirmed in a newsletter that he had spent 17 years on Mars and also had allegedly worked on “a secret space fleet”.

Mr Salla analysed in his article the most relevant aspects covered in Mr Cramer’s newsletter, which showed some shocking aspects.

The first aspect is related to mind control techniques and genetic manipulation. According to the soldier’s experiences, US military experts used on him a technique called “with-the-grain”, which is aimed to create a “deep seated instinct to protect its [the soldier’s] tribe and its territory when threatened”.  

“The ‘with-the-grain’ style programming doesn’t try to create something that kills on command, but, rather, it creates a deep seated instinct to protect its tribe and its territory when threatened.  So, as long as you can explain the threat credibly, the soldier will use all of its strength and cunning to destroy any that would harm those it’s genetically predisposed to protect”, Mr Cramer said.

The second aspect is that the alliances that once existed between undercover programs regarding alien life seems to have been destroyed. “It would appear that what was once a fairly cohesive effort by a handful of covert programs to deal with the ET/exobiological/technological issues, is no longer cohesive, and nor is it just a hand full.  It seems that it has degraded into a feudal style conflict where every ‘Deep Black’ program director who has a measure of control in the larger equation is refusing to share data, while trying to steal and acquire everyone else’s data – while trying to keep his/her sub-programs hidden so they cannot be stolen.  Alliances are made and broken”, the soldier explained.

The third aspect relates to the characteristics of the Martian atmosphere. In reference to this, Mr Cramer commented that “the air was thin and cool, but the sun was beating down enough to feel it.  Even though it’s dimmer, the sun can still be quite hot and bright in the direct light”.

Finally, he explained why only US Marine and Navy corps are able to participate in this type of secret activities. “Sailors and Marines have a shipmate and teammate mentality.  We all work together, or we all go down with the ship – essentially.  This distinction has a ripple effect that makes Navy and Marine command structure TOTALLY different from Army or Air Force, which is where the main corruption comes from”, Mr Cramer asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

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