Aliens Supplied Nazis With Spacecraft Australian Researcher Affirms

In spite of its cruelty and evil actions, it is undeniable that Nazi Germany was way ahead of its time when speaking of technology. In fact, after the war, many German scientists fled to the United States, where they worked in different fields of science and boosted the military industry of this country.

However, there are many aspects of Nazi Germany technology that still remain very little known. One of these aspects is related to a secret space and military program that Hitler’s regime developed in Antarctica with the help of extraterrestrials.  

According to an article published by Australian researcher Michael Salla on, “the Germans had successfully weaponised their flying saucer craft and other advanced aerial vehicles to the extent that nothing possessed by the US Navy could match these in performance, weapons and range”.
Mr Salla made mention of US Navy Admiral Richard Byrd, who affirmed in 1947 that the United States could be attacked by “hostile aircraft proceeding from the Polar Regions”. A document quoted by the Australian researcher says the following:

Admiral Richard E Byrd warned today [05 March, 1947] of the necessity for the United States to adopt protective measures against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile aircraft proceeding from the polar regions. The admiral said: ‘I do not want to scare anybody but the bitter reality is that in the event of a new war, the United States will be attacked by aircraft flying in from over one or both poles.’

Many evidences suggest that these high-tech aircraft were developed in cooperation with extraterrestrial beings. In the opinion of Mr Salla, “the Germans had been helped by extraterrestrials, who had supplied them with operational spacecraft for reverse engineering during World War II, and had helped the Germans establish their Antarctica bases”.

“The US national security establishment encouraged the debunking of contactees such as Adamski, Schmidt and many others, not because they feared the public learning about extraterrestrial visitation, but because they feared the public learning the truth about the German breakaway colony in Antarctica”, Mr Salla explained. “The most powerful nation states of the era, the US, Britain, France and the Soviet Union did not want their citizens to learn that not only had a remnant of Nazi Germany survived World War II, but that its technological achievements in advanced aerospace technologies had become so dominant that the former Allied powers had nothing to match these with”, he added.

Draw your own conclusions…

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