Glowing, Orange UFO Appears In Lac La Biche, Alberta

Date: 02 January, 2018.

Place: Lac La Biche, Province of Alberta, Canada.

A couple of weeks ago, on 02 January, a very strange incident was reported in the small town of Lac La Biche, Alberta.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident allegedly saw an “orange, glowing, football-shaped object” hovering over the Canadian hamlet.

“My girlfriend and I were out, driving around for a couple of hours and enjoying the night. We came to a rest at a boat launch for a cigarette and stretch our legs, but decided not to get out of the car because we noticed a dark orange, glowing, football-shaped object hovering over the lake, about a mile away and possibly 500 metres in the air in a northeastern direction”, the author of the report stated. “There was absolutely no sound made but the waves lapping against the shore. The object was just sitting there, hovering with a pulsating dull, dark orange glow”, he added.

The Canadian citizen explained that he and his fiancée tried to take photographs of the unidentified object, but they couldn’t do it because it started to move at “a crazy speed”. “As soon as we were going to look for our phones to try to take a picture, the object kind of dropped down several meters and then shot up into the sky at a crazy speed, soundless, leaving an orange trail behind that only lasted a few seconds”, he expressed.

Finally, the Alberta resident affirmed that the whole incident lasted five minutes. “It was around 1:20 AM when this sighting took place and by 1:25 AM it was over, and we were then in a hurry to get out of there as fast as we could”, he asserted.

“This was the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life, as well as my girlfriend. It was very, very strange”, he commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

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