British Columbia Family Spots Two Orange UFOs Hovering Over Nanaimo

Date: 31 December, 2017.

Place: Nanaimo, Province of British Columbia, Canada.

On 31 December, a very strange event was witnessed in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a local resident affirmed to have seen with his family and some friends what he described as “two orange orbs” hovering over the Canadian city.

“Some friends and I were around a campfire in my backyard. Since my last sighting, earlier in the month, I have been looking up much more often into the sky”, the witness affirmed. “I then noticed two orange orbs south of me, heading north and then east. They seemed to almost be playing cat and mouse, as they would speed up, slow down and follow one another changing speed and direction”, he stated.

The Canadian citizen also explained that after a few minutes, the two orbs slowly disappeared in the sky without any explanation. “After about four or five minutes, the lights vanished like they had been turned off”, he said. “While this was happening, I ran into my house to get my other guests and kids on the back to see”, he added. He mentioned that it was “almost a full moon night, with minimal clouds and slight wind”.

“After that we saw local planes landing and taking off, as well as larger planes on their way to Vancouver Airport (YVR). All those had normal lights and sounds”, the British Columbia resident asserted. “One of my guests has a commercial drone and his initial reaction was that his drone could not fly that high. He thought it was about 5000 feet up”, the witness mentioned.

Finally, he commented that he had seen another similar object early in December. “My wife and I saw one orange orb (along with a green and white one) earlier that month. We had told our friends and we were glad that some of the people we told actually saw what we saw this night”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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