Manipulative Aliens Misdirect Humans in Support of Artificial Intelligence Agenda

Some people think that despite many eyewitness encounters of UFOs along with even alien sightings, we, as humans, have yet to discover other sentient intelligence life in our universe.  Then, there’s other people who think that aliens are on Earth but are confined to secretive military installations in pursuit of joint projects.  And then there are those people like David Icke who suggest that there are many leaders who appear to be people but are in fact aliens operating from with an interdimensional disguise.  However, it is becoming more apparent that the manipulative aliens referred to by David Icke may not have simply confined themselves to the very upper tiers of power.  But rather, such entities hidden within the minds of human-appearing vessels could be one of your favourite actresses, or a weatherman or TV, the drug dealer down the street, a corrupt judge, a lawyer or even a local owner of a fast food restaurant.  This is a theory that was best presented in John Carpenter’s 1980s film “They Live”.

The above video features a character from "They Live" seeking to warn humanity about the agenda of a people-appearing artificial intelligence operating on our planet Earth. [above video]

Perhaps, the most notable group of manipulative aliens were identified by ancient Pagan Gnostics and indigenous elders like South African Credo Mutwa as an artificial intelligence.  The Pagan Gnostics coined the term “artificial man” to refer to them.  

The apparent goal of this artificial intelligence has reportedly been to orchestrate a step by step plan to achieve both the enslavement and assimilation of humankind into their demonic matrix.  In order to achieve this reported goal it seems that manipulative alien entities may be all over the place playing differing orchestrated roles in a collective effort to perpetuate chaos and servitude on Earth.

The first stage of the apparent agenda of these manipulative aliens has been to seek to continually hide humanity’s true origins by creating counterfeit religions around a God scripted to fit the alien agenda and to provide an alternative equally false scenario that humanity evolved from “apes”.  

As Michael Cremo [below video] has discovered, humanity has been blinded to what he describes as a “forbidden archaeology” which reveals humans in the past to be much more spiritually evolved than today with abilities which humans today might consider to be “magic”.  

Through mis-direction, manipulative aliens on Earth have apparently been in a constant state of seeking to push humanity away from its spiritually evolved past and into a context of disarray that can then be exploited by introducing “technology” or more specifically artificial intelligence to solve our problems when in fact it is the root of our problems. 

In a long forgotten inter-dimensional war described by Alex Collier, humans came to Earth as a result of allegedly having been abducted from a higher dimension where still reportedly humans dominate.  Alex Collier has referred to a constellation of over 130 billion humans in this dimension as compared to the over 6 billion on Earth.

Humans on Earth could be regarded to be an isolated species analogous to fish in a fish bowl separated from their species in rivers or the ocean.

Through sometimes willing or unwilling human hosts, vessels or alleged cloned entities various reports including those from Dr Michael Salla suggest that manipulative aliens linked to an “artificial intelligence collective” operate on Earth as a hierarchical command structure.

At the lowest level of this hierarchical command structure are “people” appearing aliens who are constantly engaged in misdirecting their human targets.

You might have run into these mis-directors without even knowing it.

The key to protecting oneself from these alien mis-directors is to “Know Thyself”.

That means in life having a firmly committed “road map” in your head of “where you want to go”; and if where you want to go is associated with your desire to fulfill a higher spiritual consciousness associated with peace, empathy and love for one another, you may begin to start seeing these alien “nay sayers” appearing more often to get you to change your mind.

To the "archon" overseers within the elites which David Icke describes, your spiritual awakening is in conflict wither their desire to keep you well controlled as self-serving ego. hooked onto the idea that social advancement is achieved by getting connected with and hooked into the "world of artificial intelligence". 

The more firmly committed you become to spiritual fulfillment, the more you might become confronted with these human-appearing aliens constantly trying to talk you out of your spiritual fulfillment in association with elevating your desire to serve humanity as a whole in relation to your biological-spiritual interconnectedness with otther humans and with Mother Nature.  These "lower level" aliens may often seek to cloak their agenda in rhetoric related to their apparent "supportive" desires for you to pursue a more “practical” direction toward their effort to drive you to support an alien matrix on Earth.

As Dr. Michael Salla explains, the "upper tier" just over the casual mis-directors which operate on the community and neighbour levels are the "regressives" operating in various key roles either in managerial capacities or the regressives which create cultures of outright crime including drug trafficking and so-called "terrorism".

David Icke apparently first awoke to this demonic alien presence by gazing into the eyes of one of them and noticing their lack of empathy and human soul as operatives of a lower dimensional mechanical consciousness.


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