Multicoloured UFO Seen In Vancouver, British Columbia

Date: 09 December, 2017.

Place: Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Early in December (on 09 December, to be more specific), a very unusual event occurred in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a local resident affirmed to have seen what he described as “a string of lights” hovering over the Canadian metropolis.

“I was on my way home from work. The time was about 6:15 pm, and the traffic heading towards Vancouver was heavier than normal”, the witness described. “Suddenly, something in the distance up in the sky caught my eye: it was a string of lights that appeared to be very close together”, he commented.

The Canadian citizen explained that the lights would glow in multiple colours, and they appeared to belong to a single object. “They were blue, red and white. They gave the appearance of belonging to one unit”, he expressed. “They seemed too close together to be separate planes - especially given the fact that these were flying right over Vancouver air space”, he added.

He also informed that officials said this object was “a military convoy”. A similar explanation was given for the famous Denver lights (a group of UFOs that appeared over the American city on 09 December, too). “The description was exactly the same as given recently for the Denver lights – a supposed military convoy (over Vancouver airspace in British Columbia, Canada?)”, he wondered.

“Due to a curve in the road and heavy traffic heading towards Vancouver, I lost sight of the event. I would have pulled over had there been a safe place to do so”, the British Columbia resident asserted. “I could not tell if it was hovering or not. My only feeling upon seeing the object was that it seemed to be a single object with a string of lights”, he claimed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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