YouTube User Spots Alien Structure On The Moon

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, the second man to land on the Moon, affirmed that during the Apollo 11 mission he saw “a light out of the window” that appeared to be following them. In addition, other astronauts that also were on the Earth’s satellite claimed to have seen strange objects hovering over them during the mission. Now, a recent video published on YouTube could provide some answers to these sightings.

According to an article published on British online newspaper The Express, “a remarkable video has sparked intense speculation there may be a secret colony for aliens developed on the Moon”.

“The footage uploaded to YouTube has been hailed as proof of a long-running conspiracy theory that there are buildings on the Moon, which could either be occupied by aliens, or be a secret NASA outpost”, The Express reports. “In the clip, a landing craft approaches the moon’s surface at a slow speed. But ominously, an L-shaped structure appears to come into shot – sparking wild conspiracy theories of a colony in space”, it adds.

The author of the video, a YouTube user called UFOmania – The truth is out there, believes that his material shows “geometric structures” that do not have natural origin.

“Never-before-seen footage shows buildings on the moon”, he wrote on the video description. “This is 100 percent clear. The old footage shows structures, clear geometric structures that cannot be confused in any way as natural formations or moon rocks”, he continued.

Some ufologists, like Scott Brando, of, are of the opinion that the video is a hoax. He says he saw the original record taken from NASA files and the L-shaped structure was not there. “Hoax exposed”, he affirmed.

However, the YouTube user explained that the footage is authentic and very interesting. “This video was sent to us by an anonymous (source) and at the time we could not find the source of this video but we found it interesting enough to publish it on our YouTube channel”, he said declared to The Express.

Draw your own conclusions…

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