Aliens: Chinese Chang'e Rover Discovers Structures On The Moon

Date: 31 December, 2017.

Place: Surface of the Moon.

In 1959 the Soviet Union launched Lunik 2 probe, which was the first man-made object to land on the Moon. The probe sent some amazing images of the surface of the satellite, showing craters, dusty mountains and a lonely stillness.    

However, other missions that later reached the Moon have sent more detailed images of strange structures that look completely unnatural. For example, in 1972, a lunar rover which was part of the Apollo 17 mission transmitted a live broadcast which shows a huge rectangular object that some people believe is a sort of alien-made building.

Now, 45 years later, new evidence of these structures has come to light. In December 2017, YouTube user and UFO researcher Streetcap1 released a video in which appear some “anomalies” that Chinese rover Chang’e 3 filmed during one of its missions.

“Rows of objects on Earth's Moon horizon have been seen on Chinese lander photograph”, the ufologist stated.

In the footage, a group of dome-shaped structures can be seen rising from the ground.

Regarding this discovery, YouTube users reacted with astonishment. “I have looked at the moon through a telescope and it sure looks like artificial lights to me”, expressed a user called Michael Proudx.

“The two structures on the left look like supplementary structures; like you might think of as being next to buildings on the Moon, housing extra water and oxygen”, stated Anubis Thanos.

Renowned UFO researcher and writer Scott C. Waring, of UFO Sightings Daily published a short article about this sighting and said: “these structures were found on Earth’s moon in some of the Chinese Chang'e 3 lander photo. There are definite structures in the far background that have hard right angles and metallic glimmers, which proves to me that the Chinese now know about the existence of aliens on Earth’s moon”.

“Found by Streetcap1 of YouTube, these structures have a lot of similarities to buildings made by human beings. However, these structures are rare; most alien structures have a fungus appearance. These are hardest to find”, he affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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