Ottawa's Best and Worst Hot Chocolate

It's still quite cold in Ottawa.  So, are you in the mood for some delicious hot chocolate? 

In my view, if you're seeking to get the best hot chocolate in Ottawa, here's what you do.  Go to Lansdowne Park.  More specifically, go to Lindt in Lansdowne Park, and ask for the 'intense dark hot chocolate'.  If you can find a better hot chocolate in Ottawa, please tell me.

This hot chocolate is rich, smooth and flavourful.  It boasts the same high quality dark chocolate that you find in Lindt.

I rate Lindt's intense dark hot chocolate a near A+.

One day I could not get to Lindt, so I decided to try Bridgehead.

I support Bridghead as a local fair trade coffee shop.

I asked for a hot chocolate expecting something as good as Lindt.

It looked good.

But, to my disappointment and shock it tasted absolutely terrible.  I could barely drink a sip.

I wish Chef Gordon Ramsay were around to give his critique.  He might have described in as "ghastly".

As it turns out, Bridghead's "hot chocolate" comes out of a huge white jug premix "solution" - in my opinion the worst "hot chocolate" in Ottawa or at least the worst drink I have ever tasted.  Bridgehead, what were you thinking?  F minus to Bridgehead for its "hot chocolate premix solution".

My advice to Bridgehead is to dump the white jug and find some proper organic pure cacao with organic whole milk for its hot chocolate.


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