American Spots Tall Alien Inside UFO In Marietta, Georgia

Date: 06 March, 2018.

Place: Marietta, State of Georgia, United States.

Early this month, a very rare event occurred in the city of Marietta, Georgia.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident affirmed to have seen a humanoid creature piloting a UFO which was hovering very low over the American town.

“On 06 March 2018, at approximately 09:40 PM, like every night at that time, I took the dog out to use the potty before bed”, the witness explained. “As I turned onto the next block, facing the street I live on, I noticed bright, white lights above the treetops. The lights were slowly moving left. My first impression was that when I saw the lights, was that it might have been an aircraft turned sideways about to crash. However the lights stayed in a direct path, skimming above the treetops”, he added.

The Georgia resident claimed that the object continued hovering over the trees until it almost disappeared. “As I turned the corner, it [the UFO] turned, and it followed the wood-line along my street in the opposite direction I was walking. The trees were now denser and I thought I was about to lose sight of the object”, he stated. “I felt a little disappointment that I had not figured out what I was looking at”, he said.

“As soon as I thought I was going to lose sight of the object, a smaller object swooped down and came right at me. I could tell that it was approximately the size of a medium-sized sedan”, the author of the report stated. “It had grid a pattern of shiny, silver metal paned glass on top. It had a dim light emanating from the inside. I could tell there was a figure inside. The head, neck and shoulders were of a larger proportion than a normal human shape”, he continued.

Finally, the two UFOs made a fast turn and disappeared. “As it suddenly shot over my head, I could hear the roar. I didn't feel any breeze or air flow. I ran into my house as fast as I could after the dog, and slammed the door. I was out of breath and in a state of shock and disbelief. I heard the sound of the object one more time, shortly after, but I was too scared to look outside to see if it was still there”, the American citizen asserted.

“I'm not surprised that there are these things out there, I'm just surprised it happened to me and where I live”, he commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

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