Aliens: Are Nazi UFOs Visting Us?

As most of you know I have been studying UFO lore now for years and the gods who flew them that the ancients worshipped.  It is no secret that the NAZI's were in bed with aliens and had underground bases and tunnels as well as a major base in New Swabia Antarctica [above video] where they set up operations underground along with the Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers." 

Were they the Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers from Genesis Chapter 6 OR the cloned hybrid Aryan race of giants or tall NAZI's that went underground in the Antarctic?  Could people be seeing UFO's they think are piloted by aliens when what is flying them are the giant Subterranean NAZI race Hitler was so enamored with.

Could this race of Aryan giants have survived with technology under ground?  Could these giant Aryan's be flying around in UFO's using Directed Energy type weapons to communicate telepathically with human beings they are abducting who may or may not be chip implanted?

Are there a race of Nazi's living underground in the Antarctic that Hitler is connected do.   YES, IT'S OLD NEWS.

What is a problem for me is how limited the knowledge is about the subject matter when talk about these different alien races has been going on for thousands of years. 

I think archeologists can prove that millions of years ago these demonic beings, that eyewitnesses, abductees and whistleblowers call "Extraterrestrials" today were affecting life on earth, yet could the beings flying around in UFO also be the hybrid Aryan giants that survived the flood who come to the surface to abduct, rape, clone and artificially inseminate women today? 

I think we have hit the nail on the head.

Who benefits from keeping the secrets from us?

In my view, the answer is the "shadow government" in bed with the Nazis who went underground during World War II who see to form a New World Order. 

Now we know that Deep State Globalists rule Washington and that they are allegedly in bed with the aliens, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why they refuse to acknowledge the existence of aliens and Nazis underground.  It's because they are in cahoots with them.

The next problem we have are the lies being generated around aliens.  There is a massive movement to scam the public about them claiming that they are from other space and from different star systems.  That lore is all over the place but again the REAL DETAILS are very devious and dubious in general.

If we combine what we know about the agenda's of the DEEP STATE NAZIS and their operatives what we find is their intent to fool the public into believing in these kinds of scams. The people promoting these scams seem to be coming from underground bases and tunnel systems and where mind control is going on.  WE CANNOT IGNORE THIS.

During the Cold War the Antarctic NAZIS and the DEEP STATE ELITE SHADOW GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY IN THE U.S. were buddy buddies.

Next we know the NAZI's were in bed with Aliens OR WHO THEY ASSUMED WERE "Extraterrestrials".   The Nazi's built their own fleets of UFO's which they flew or shipped down to the Antarctic where a NAZI or Nordic Aryan Alien Underground base was located.  This is where the NAZI's set up their own secure underground base they named New Swabia Land [watch above video].  Even back then it appears that their were technologically advanced "people" living in the Antarctic that were part of the Atlantis Colony in Antarctica who were a giant race of Aryans.  Legends of these people who went underground to escape global cataclysms etc. are found in all cultures.  Indian's claim that their race came up out of the inner earth after the last great cataclysm.

In my research I have seen many accounts where blonde blue eyed people came out of UFO's.  We are supposed to think they were all alien Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers" but the more you look into the lore what you find is that they were referred to as PEOPLE by those who encounter them and these people were into genetic engineering and cloning just as the Atlantians were.

If we go back to ancient Sumeria legends and archeological digs, we find a Nordic race of blonde blue eyed people who lived along side the Semites who today rule the world as an alleged "shadow government".  They were living side by side in Medo Persia, Babylon, Iraq before these cultures migrated into the rest of the world. The reptilian and Serpent bloodlines always bred and marry blue-eyed blondes and it's not because they are pretty.  Their is way more going on that has to do with the DEVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD and how it was taken from our Scandinavian Mitochondria Mother line in Hyperborea who we all share DNA with regardless of what colour we might be.  It appears to be about mingling their seed with the Scandinavian Rh Negative line who had the DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD ORIGINALLY. IT IS ALSO ABOUT THE POWER IN THE BLOOD which the Rh Negative race of Scandinavians had.                                

People are angry at the government because they will not come clean about the existence of UFO's.  What if those in our Shadow Government and Military (DEEP STATE) are STILL connected to the NAZI's who traveled down to the Antarctic to set up New Swabia Land next to the Nordic Giants and OR the Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers" base camp.  The logo used by the Nazis,’ which was the Swastika was a logo used by these tall Nordic's who operate their UFO flying machines in Antarctica.  The Swastika has ancient evil associations with it depending on which direction the Swastika is facing.

If our leaders are secretly in bed with the NAZI's and Aliens to form a GLOBAL ONE WORLD ORDER, than it stands to reason that many of the UFO's we see in our skies are NAZI Shadow Government and Military UFO's.  IT'S COMMON SENSE,  It doesn't take a ROCKET SCIENTIST TO FIGURE THIS ALL OUT AS YOU START TO PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER.

One military man said that every NUTS AND BOLTS UFO people see today are man made vehicles.



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