Extraterrestrial Contactee Suggests We Live in Artificially Created Nazi-Alien Time Line

In 2011, The Canadian published a variety of articles on how Nazis allegedly altered our time line.  This includes one article here.  These insights have been inspired in part by Alex Collier who elaborated how the Nazis in an alternative reality open a portal to demonic manipulative aliens.  These Nazis then allegedly joined up with these demonic aliens and travelled back in time through UFO technology in order to alter human history.  Could all the UFOs that ancient people reported be in fact accounts of these Nazis with their demonic alien allies from a different universe?  In the above video, it is alleged that the Nazi surrender to the Allies in World War II was faked so that a Nazi-alien ruling group could run Earth from the shadows and that the Nazi-alien "capital" of Earth is in Antarctica.

The Nazis with their demonic alien allies seeking to become "Gods" in the eyes of humans instigated what ancients referred to as "Wars with the Gods" which spawned various organized religion while seeking to wipe away human memory of their invasions.  This effort included creating a false narrative of human origins associated with either the Nazi-alien concocted God or monkeys.

Nazi-Aliens sought to wipe away a memory of human origins existing as an alleged advanced race of telepaths millions of years old which had lived in perfect harmony with nature.  Michael Cremo has sought to help document our true origins as humans in such books as Forbidden Archeology which described humans being millions of years old and as walking with dinosaurs.

Religious prophecies that have sought to warn humanity of "pending doom" could be viewed to be Nazi-alien scripted events associated with efforts to imperfectly manipulate time-space.

Humans perceive these manipulations from time to time as an expression of our own inborn capabilities to perceive reality from a higher dimensions level than Nazi-alien "fallen angels".

The War on Terrorism and the Fukushima disaster are all alleged parts of a Nazi-alien scripted time line involving "false flag" disasters toward an Armageddon scenario.


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