UFO: Neo-Nazi Deep State Prepares Public for Alien False Flag Invasion Through Soft Disclosure

Many people might think that the efforts of U.S. officials to show UFO footage is part of a trend toward disclosing on-going classified information about aliens.

However, some argue that this is not the case.  These "whistleblowers" argue that a so-called "Deep State" which is currently controlled by a consortium of aliens and members of a "political-military-industrial" complex are simply now pursuing their ultimate deception game scenario.

It has been alleged that this "Deep State" operates through Nazis based in Antarctica, demonic aliens that reside in vast underground complexes, and secretive boardrooms of large corporations and militaries whose power is being supported by these artificial intelligence alien backers.

It has been alleged that the Deep State wants to achieve a New World Order united under a "borderless" Nazi Dictatorship to fulfill the alien ends which Adolf Hitler had sought to achieve in World War II.

By launching an "alien invasion" using "alien actors", an alleged Deep State hopes to unite the global masses in fear to combat the "alien threat".

After having experienced  "terrorism" also allegedly concocted by the Deep State, "Earthlings" will be more than willing to give up all the human and civil rights associated with various nation states in favour of Marshall Law under the Nazi sympathizers who have sought since World War II to fulfill the promise of a New World Order.

Nostradamus had apparently predicted an "alien invasion" sometime in 2018, and such releasing of UFO footage now in 2018 may in fact be part of this alleged scenario..

The current War on Terrorism according to the video above is part of is elite preparation of the masses for alien actors in an invasion scenario which also allegedly seeks to depopulate the planet to enable the freeing-up of precious mineral resources for what Dr Michael Salla has referred to as a "military-industrial-alien complex" of interests which he calls "MIEC".


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