ABC-TV Series Had Suggested Empathy Test To Confirm Manipulative Aliens

The now defunct hit science fiction TV series “V” for “visitors” which once aired on ABC suggested that there are manipulative aliens who can make themselves look like humans so indistinguishably that the only way to tell the difference between a real human and the “reptilian characters” would be through an “Empathy Test”.  The reptilian characters used an Empathy Test to protect themselves from “V” which began to develop “human emotion”.

Indeed, much of the problems on our planet Earth had been the result of "leaders" acting without empathy to humans specifically and Mother Nature in general.

The apparent scenario of human and aliens operating on Earth being hard to distinguish from each other may be not so “fictional” after all.

Both former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer [in video above] and reports documented by Dr Michael Salla suggested that there are “human-looking” aliens who have the capacity to blend into powerful organizations with no visual distinctions to suggest in any way that they are alien.  However, what does appear to be different about them is that they seem to have telepathic powers.  

The implications of this is quite astounding.  One very important implication is that “people” who we may be putting “trust” in may be working for an off-world agenda, and using their telepathic powers to manipulate unsuspecting humans along with way. Indeed, imagine if you could read everyone’s mind at will.  You could probably figure out what it might take to become upper manager and even a political leader a lot quicker.

Empathy is a defining characteristic of who 'we' are as humans.  However, the manipulative aliens that coordinate an agenda with those aliens who can wear "human costumes" have apparently sought to teach us otherwise by waging war and committing countless atrocities sporting a human costume.

When you cringe seeing another human before you experiencing pain and suffering you are bestowing empathy for one other.  As humans, we are spiritually connected with each other as inherent begins of love and peace that are apparently being misdirected by "alien visitors" in our midst.

Like many of you, I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t.  Indigenous people in Africa speak of having to be on high alert for alleged “reptilian” entities which would try to infiltrate and compromise tribal governments.  Such accounts have been provided by African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa.

Another piece of information which I also wish was a joke was I think I may have been dating one of “them”, and she was quite attractive.  

I used to think that our apparent “mental connection” was some kind of “soul mate” thing.  You too might have had a connection where your partner “seem” to be able to “read your mind”.  But maybe they literally can!

First, it started with she immediately calling me as soon as my mind wandered on her as I had wished to be able to talk to her.  Then on campus, every single time I thought about her she would appear, as if she was “beamed down” from one of those transporters used on Star Trek.  One or twice would be coincidence enough but well over ten times suggests more control over the timing of events.

Before I knew anything about aliens I started to wonder if she was some kind of witch and if she was, would she be a “good one” or a “bad one”.

So, I decided one day to put this to the test.  My parents whom she never met were on campus.  So I thought as soon as I saw my parents, wouldn’t it be nice of my parents could meet her so I could get their opinion about her.
In less that five minutes while my parents were still in the car, all of a sudden she shows up all smiling and shakes their hand through the glass.

I started to think right there “WTF?”  Would you think this was a coincidence?

I had decided there that I might not be ready to date a “witch” and decided to pursue some one else in one of my history classes.  We used to regularly sit beside each other in class.  But when I decided to ask her out, she wasn’t there!   A colleague told me that she had to “leave” in a hurry to Niagara Falls.

It wasn’t until many years after I was at an event where a man married to a woman who could apparently know what he husband was thinking and “see and read things” such as Personal ID cards through the eyes of other people.  In her show, she remarked that "no human" can claim to read minds.  But then again, she didn't say that she  was a human.

In the video below, there is a poignant part of V in which a leader to the new alien resistance movement confirms that that the “Visitors” using a human mask had infiltrated governments and corporations on Earth before their official arrival and that this agenda was been designed to exterminate the human race.

ABC-TV’s “V” suggested that political corruption on Earth is simply a manifestation of on-going and coordinated alien infiltration.  

Alex Collier who claims that he is a contactee of Ethical aliens has reported that the only way that Earth can reflect the actual desires of humans is if the aliens currently pretending to be humans leave Earth before our planet is destroyed and before a “Deep State” pursues an Alien War of the Words “False Flag”.


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