Most UFO sightings suggest Mass Psychological Manipulation on Where Aliens Come Front

When questioned, most people would link UFO sightings to potential signs of aliens; and eyewitness reports of alien activities to UFOs from "outer space and other planets."  But if you were to decide to carefully investigate UFO as well as reported alien activities on  MUFON and other such public databases of accounts, one thing may become apparent to you.  Relatively few UFO sightings are accompanied by reports of having seen aliens.  At the same time, relatively few sightings of aliens are accompanied by encounters with UFOs.

In the overwhelming majority of alien  sightings including UFO abductions, the aliens often just appear in someone's bedroom (or elsewhere) while the humans in and out of sleep are in an altered consciousness of sleep.  The aliens then paralyses them before taking them "somewhere".  Many abductees assume they are being taken on a "UFO", but few abductees report seeing any signs of actually being in some "ship" hovering in the sky or in outer space.

David Icke [above and below videos] and other researchers suggest that much of the manipulative aliens actually visiting our human time-space are actually from what he specifically describes as "inter-space" dimensions or parallel universes.  Such aliens would have little need for a "UFO".  Such aliens have apparently reached our human time-space through "portals" associated with the human mind which enables them to "walk through", then zap their victims puling them through these portals for medical experiments and then "spitting" their victims out in what is an often dazed, traumatized and sickly condition.

Much of the UFO phenomenon suggests that it is designed using similar strategies of "mis-direction" and deception that a criminal might use.  That it is to say that much of UFO activity might be an apparent ruse to create a public view that aliens are travellers from distant planets in our universe when in fact many veritable demonic aliens as described by the Pagan Gnostics are "parasites" from the human mind which thrive by presenting illusions to their human hosts who they seek to manipulate, assimilate and destroy.  Rather than such aliens being from "outer space" they may very well be from "inner space"..

Most people have no idea just how powerful our human minds can be to alter, shape and transform time-space, the nature of reality; and matter itself.  That's because our true origins have been hidden from us.    However, manipulative aliens "know us better than ourselves" and have sought to exploit our own ignorance on human powers and to come into our human reality though mind portals that we must close before an alien agenda reaches its goal of conquest".

Apparently alien mind parasites have sought to trick us humans into believing that humans evolved from "monkeys" or a God who created a child-like race.  This deception has been elaborated by Michael Cremo.
The more we as humans create conditions of fear, hopelessness, antipathy and destruction of our vial biosphere is the more than we, as humans are manifesting the physical reality of demonic entities which seek to present themselves as "technologically superior" entities from outer space when their true origin could in part be from physically negative manifestations of the human imagination from "inner space".

Whereas human who are inherently beings of empathy procreate through through a sexuality that manifests from love bonds, the aliens that are seeking to consolidate their rule over humans procreate by seeking to harness a "sexuality" that is from destruction manifested by humans.  The "Dark Forces" of this planet that "take shelter" underground according to Alex Collier seek to perpetuate and exploit destructiveness by humans on our planet's surface, so they had further procreate in the "underground facilities" that have been described by Alex Collier

Just like movie producers can tap into their own mind to create futuristic technologies like those in Star Trek and Star Wars; so too can parasitic aliens tap into the power of the human mind and manifest the physical reality of UFOs along with the hollographic projections of UFOs.


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