Is Official UFO Footage Designed to Prepare Public for Alien Invasion False Flag Scenario?

There has been much discussion by political-military-industrial complex interest would suddenly feel the need to release UFO footage after longstanding and systematized cover-up.

Is this a genuine attempt toward sincere and benign "UFO disclosure" as sought by many researchers?

Or is this part of what alleged whistleblowers claim as part of an Alien Invasion False Flag Scenario? [Please see video above]

According to whistleblowers, 9/11 was an "inside job false flag" designed by "Deep State" dark forces to launch a "War on Terrorism" to expedite a sought "New World Order" built around a desire to transform democratic societies into substantively fascistic societies obsessed with "security".

Communities of whistleblowers also suggest accusations that Syria recently used chemical weapons to also have been as fake as the allegation that Saddam Hussein had a stockpile of chemical weapons that was used to launch a gratuitous attack against Iraq under the George W Bush regime.

Similarly, it has been alleged that a "shadow government" with its access to alien technologies and "alien actors" is planning to orchestrate an "invasion" against Earth which will create such fear and panic that everyone will give up their national identities and democratic rights.

An "alien attack" in one swoop will create the Nazi planned "New World Order" which Adolf Hitler envisioned; and indeed some researchers suggests that the Nazis actually won World War II, electing to form a shadow government which could carry out an alien agenda.

If 9/11 is the "inspiration" of a False Flag scenario, might we expect that such videos will lead to the military eventually showing footage of then shooting down one of these so-called UFOs, which leads to orchestrated intervention by "alien actors" to declare war on Earth?


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