Is Syria A Part of False Flag Build Up For War With Aliens?

Mounting evidence suggests that Syria has become the most recent part of a series of alleged orchestrated calamities described as "False Flags".  The video shows a child that was apparently filmed before as being a victim of an alleged-Russian sponsored chemical attack in Syria.  But as the above video shows, the boy along with his father a perfectly fine.  This child describes how he was doused with water and made to look like he had been the victim of a chemical attack which could be blamed on the Russian-backed Syrian government.  What could be the motive of such an orchestration other than to justify and build up an effort toward more sinister intent?

Other alleged "false flags" include 9/11 which launched the "War on Terrorism".  Perhaps the most well known false flag in recent history related to allegations by the former U.S. President George W Bush administration that Saddam Hussein had a stockpile of chemical weapons.

Other alleged false flags include mass shootings in the United States and even the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  The efforts to cover-up a trail of evidence on Fukushima shows that all may not be so "kosher" with the official explanation that this nuclear disaster was a cover-up.

Alex Collier in 1995 had predicted a disaster in Japan orchestrated by "dark forces" running the planet behind closed doors. [video below]

Now, with military officials now choosing to show selective footage of UFO activity, it is becoming more apparent that the "rumour" of an alien plot up their sleeves to justify a sought "New World Order" that unites in fear alien attacks may be just around the corner.

Indeed, the manner in which military officials have now sought to introduce "UFO activity" fits the same pattern of allusion to the masses toward an orchestrated false flag.

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