USA Today Points To Alien False Flag Scenario Linked to Off-Wordly Treaties

Like most of you, I would like if the claim in the above video that there's an alien false flag scenario afoot was someone's "Bad Dream" or a total hoax.  However, a recent article in USA Today suggests otherwise.  This article appears to be a warning masquerading as "benign" content.  Why, you might ask?  Well, if you have read over the years representations made by Australian researcher Dr. Micheal Salla on "exopolitics", it is apparent that various activities on our planet Earth are being governed by treaties among elites and aliens.  An alien invasion scenario therefore cannot take place without the telegraphing of "warnings" to "the humans".

The aliens on all sides of these alleged and apparent treaties - both the hostile ones and the sympathetic ones - seem to agree that if humans on our planet Earth are really a "worthy species", they will notice these warnings and act to avoid altogether an "imminent attack" through our innate abilities.  However, if "these humans" would rather occupy their time with such things as worrying about whether their favourite baseball, hockey, or football team is winning that day; or how well their stocks are doing on the market; or playing a video game on their android device, then humans would appear not to be a worthy species.

To readers who are concerned about the future of our planet Earth, the first thing we need to try to figure out is whether the USA Today article, in fact, is likely to be telegraphing some kind of unofficial warning or is just simply a random report of an incident we shouldn't be concerned about.

Arguably, the most important sign that this article is an apparent "warning" covered by alleged "treaties" is the reporter's choice of title: "UFO encounter? New footage shows U.S. Navy pilots' apparent sighting of alien craft near East Coast".

Somehow this reporter with both the blessings of USA Today editors / owners and without a strong denial from the military saw fit to use the terms "alien craft" rather than just "UFO".

Now, why would this reporter do this?  Aren't they afraid of being ridiculed or even being fired by USA Today owners?  There's no such things as "aliens", right?  Talking about "alien craft" must be the stuff of "crackpots" and lunatics, right?

Indeed, to a cynic, there's no alien shown in the photograph; so why would a "fact-checking" USA Today not be on the "safe side" and just stick to using the term 'UFO' which has so often been dubbed to be simply "hot air balloons", "Chinese lanterns" or "natural phenomena"?

Second apparent sign this is a telegraphed warning is that of all the UFO and alien sightings reported on a weekly and daily basis, why choose to highlight a UFO sighting associated with a military engagement?  Having appreciated that the media and the military have apparently worked together to conceal UFO reports, it is plausible that the media and the military have a corresponding agenda for choosing to release such footage.

It is not even customary for militaries to show such footage of engagements with foreign navies; so why publicize and describe a "craft" as being "alien" when officially there no aliens to-date having any possible contact with Earth?

And what about timing?  Why is this footage being released now?

Third apparent sign that this is a telegraphed warning is that it was not concealed as "classified information" and was released and endorsed as an "apparent" "alien craft".

And look who's behind this footage's release according to USA Today...

"According to a report on, the 35-second footage, captured by an infrared camera aboard an F/A-18 fighter jet traveling at 25,000 feet, was released Friday by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), a private scientific research and media group."

"It is led by Hal Puthoff, a NASA and U.S. Department of Defense adviser, and James Semivan, a former Central Intelligence Agency official."

Dr. Salla on suggests that there are "treaties" agreed to between the hostile aliens which allegedly run Earth's political-military-industrial complex's in the "shadows" and alleged aliens who oppose the manipulative aliens but guided by their sense of "ethics" don't want to directly intervene in any overt way on our planet Earth against the manipulative aliens.  This dynamic has been presented in detail by Dr. Michael Salla's "Typology of Extraterrestrials".

Therefore, humans who seek to avoid a false flag alien invasion scenario should be guided by David Icke's pleas for humanity to "wake up" to an apparent imminent threat which is seeking to manifest a plan for the full and complete conquest of Earth under rule by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The manipulative aliens described by Dr. Salla and other researchers like Nigel Kerner in Songs of the Greys, David Icke and John Lash appear to rule our planet Earth through a lower dimensional artificial intelligence that have the ability to "appear" as humans - but they are not.  As sentient AI these entities can replicate matter and similarly appear to be human, but lack the divine intelligence of humans who posses souls endowed with a spirit of love and empathy for one another and Mother Nature which sustains biological life on our planet Earth.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics had discovered their presence and referred to them as "artificial man" as documented by John Lash in

By contrast, the alleged aliens sympathetic to the plight of humans described by Dr Michael Salla and Alex Collier apparently tend to be biological humanoids who embrace empathy and 'service to others' as the basis of peaceful, nurturing societies and a civilized universe; and not the ego-driven 'service-to-self' prism that AI supporting manipulative aliens have sought humans on our planet to adopt.   Capitalism on Earth and its greed focus is an AI service to self matrix that has been designed to spawn a "divide-rule-and-conquest" context which has been scheduled by "Yaweh" the AI God of the Old Testament to end with the "Final Conflict".

It is plausible based upon Dr. Salla's insight that alleged aliens sympathetic to humans on our planet Earth but who are pledged not to interfere under treaty are allowing the march toward an alien false flag scenario which will bring Earth to near destruction because as embracers of "free will" they view alien conquest by AI as an "event" which humans on Earth can avoid.

However, avoiding such an imminent scenario would require a quantuum leap from humanity's "service-to-self" approach which continues to disregard planetary survival from alien warnings into an approach which seeks to liberate our planet Earth from a demonic and Nazi-inspired "artificial intelligence matrix" toward their sought "Brave" "New World Order" dystopia.


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