Book Self-Publishing Comes to Charlottetown, PEI

The sole purpose of getting published is to advance your career. That means that if someone denies you a publication chance, the person is indirectly stalling your career. This is exactly what many traditional publishers do whenever they send you a well-crafted rejection letter.

Writers in Charlottetown, PEI can now heave a sigh of relief as Agora Publishing brings book self-publishing services to their doorstep. With book self-publishing, you can dictate the pace of your career by publishing at your pace. There are lots of setbacks associated with self-publishing that can help you overcome and make the journey an exciting one. These include;

1. Formatting your book

If your manuscript is made up of only texts, formatting it to fit into different publication formats – ePub or .Mobi – can easily be done with software. However, if it contains images, diagrams or footnotes, you might have to do it manually in HTML or design software – or both. If your book is not well-formatted, it can lead to a poor reading experience. The technicalities can be overwhelming for a new writer. Charlottetown writers who are stuck with formatting their manuscript can now use book self-publishing services to get the job done with ease.

2. Capturing the market

The self-publishing market is often narrowly calibrated. Some writers create a masterpiece with a broad readership but are often constrained by lack of knowledge or resources to reach the desired readership. This is often a problem with categorizing the book into one genre or another. Self-published authors – especially those that are new to the field – can rely on the services of book self-publishing companies to help them overcome this problem.  Sometimes the solution can be simple, at other times the author may have to experiment by publishing on different platform or category and see which genre delivers the desired result.

3. Typos and grammatical errors

It is true that traditional publishers may sometimes insist that you cut out your favourite scene if it goes contrary to their publishing ethics. It may be a vivid description of a gory scene or a sex scene. However, traditional publishers usually have professional editors who scan through the work to make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors. Editing your own work can be a huge mistake. Book self-publishing services can offer you editing or proofreading opportunities that will refine your manuscript from ordinary to a masterpiece.

4. Criticism

The greatest fear of a budding writer is usually criticism. Traditional publishers often criticize destructively rather than constructively – especially when they are unwilling to publish your work. The fear of criticism rather than rejection is the reason why some new writers prefer to self-publish rather than try traditional publishing. Criticism is not entirely bad. Your readers will eventually criticize your work. Having an unbiased criticism from a close associate is often easier to accept than when it comes from a stranger. Having a family or close friend critic your work is also a bad idea because they may not want to hurt your feelings. Agora's not-for-profit book self-publishing services can be a trusted partner that will give you an unbiased criticism. The criticism from book self-publishing services will give you a foreknowledge of what to expect from your readers – and you will be better prepared for them when they come. 

In the current technological age, an active social account cannot be separated from a successful book-self publishing campaign. You can rely on the social circles of your book self-publishing company to promote your book and grow your reputation. would be delighted to guide you step-by-step to achieve the desired publishing goal.


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