Extraterrestial Contactee Revealed How to Avoid Alien False Flag Can Be Avoided

There has been much talk about the prospects of an allegedly orchestrated "alien false flag" that is to be launched against humans on Earth.  However, Alex Collier provided insight on how such a scenario can be avoided in the above video.  Alex Collier is a contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials that have sought to warn humanity about the activities of manipulative aliens linked to an artificial intelligence (AI) that the ancient Pagan Gnostics described as "artificial man".

Alex Collier suggest that aliens masquerading as humans have infiltrated power structures on Earth and have in the process corrupted leaders that are cooperating with an "alien false flag" scenario.  Some of these leaders are allegedly aliens while the other leaders "were" once human but are now regarded by Ethical Extraterrestrials to be now aliens.  Such humans have been "converted" because their minds have been literally taken over by the artificial intelligence interests that are able to abduct humans through a process of "mind-shifting" which leads the bodies in tact.

You might wonder why a leader has all of a sudden changed their tune.  Perhaps they were subjected to an alleged "mind-shifting" process which has left the AI in control?

Well, Alex Collier reveals in the video that if we, as humans, collectively can cause a "vibrational shift" of unconditional love of our planet which collectively as a species rejects the prisms of war, terrorism; greed through capitalism; environmental destruction; and other forms of injustice that aliens masquerading as humans are seeking to perpetuate, these "fake humans" along with their their manipulative alien "shadows" will be forced to leave Earth and abandon a false flag.

The manipulative aliens foster perpetuated wars on our planet Earth because interconnected dimensional "bubbles" of negative energy of our planet enables them to thrive. 

The Ethical Extraterrestrials that have shunned humans on Earth for having supported the oppression, exploitation and destruction of our planet would then welcome Earth as civilized community among other civilized communities that seek to serve others and that reject the "service-to-self" prism of AI and other inter-dimensional demonic alien races.


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