Avoiding Alien False Flag Possibilities Linked to Human Sovereignty Initiative Suggests Exopolitics

A manipulative alien "False Flag" scenario is the apparent direct result of the substantive infiltration of human institutions suggests leading expolitics practitioners like Dr. Micheal Salla.  These insights are revealed in Dr. Salla's "Typology on Extraterrestrials".  In his Typology, Dr. Salla outlines two distinct opposing groups.  Dr Salla links one group to what he describes as a "Military Industrial Complex of Extraterrestrial Interests" of 'MIEC'.  This is the alleged group behind an effort to orchestrate an alien False Flag toward a "New World Order" agenda.

"MIEC" is linked to manipulative aliens that have sought to conceal their official presence so they can continue to assimilate humankind into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) matrix. an an orchestrated war with "alien actors" is viewed as the rallying cry MIEC seeks to unite humankind under a Global Nazi-style dictatorship where humans have given up their sovereignty to "do battle with aliens".  But, according to researchers like Dr Steven Green, these invading aliens would be the "invited guests" of MIEC.

David Icke has suggested that manipulative aliens are able to masquerade as humans,  His insights are backed by indigenous leaders like African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa who says he was also abducted by aliens associated with an alleged "MEC".  Dr Salla also cites representation from Master Sergeant Bob Dean as having witnessing regressive aliens posing as humans.  He had a twenty seven year military career and at one time during his service worked in military intelligence at the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE).  In his report, Dean is attributed to have said "there was a group that looked exactly like we do."

"These people looked so much like us they could sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant and you'd never know the difference," exclaimed Dean in this 1960's report.

Alex Collier and Dr Michael Salla suggest that these human imposters actively work as mercenaries for various manipulative aliens associated with "MIEC".  These alien interests have varying oppressive agendas against the affirmation of human sovereignty.  Alex Collier attributes this group as being oriented around a "self-to-self" focus that has sought to foster exploitative systems on Earth like 'global capitalism", "terrorism"; religious fanaticism". 'racism', sexism and other such "isms" to divide and conquer our planet Earth leading toward an "alien False Flag" scenario which as the "Divine Plan" of AI encoded in religious scripture.  In the Bible, these aliens are referred to as the "dark forces" in Ephiseans 6:12.

Ephiseans codified reference to an aliens invasion from UFOs in the skies is: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

The alleged presence of MIEC suggests that the only disclosure that MUFON, UFOlogists and other lobbyists should expect would be "disinformation" as part of an alien False Flag scenario; and that disclosure would therefore be in the interest of the "NWO" and not humanity.

According to insights provided by both Alex Collier in 'Defending Sacred Ground' and Dr. Michael Salla in his Typology, Ethical Extraterrestrials genetically linked to humans on Earth have sought to issue "proclamations" to get the manipulative aliens and their human collaborators among the elites to leave our planet Earth so that humans can create societies free of interference.  These alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials championed by such groups as the Procyons that had suffered under AI attempts to seduce their society with technology as part of an invasion scenario also lwould like to stop alleged plans for an alien "False Flag".

However, Defending Sacred Ground suggests that these genetic relatives of humans can't because their are "ethically" bound not to interfere against humanity on Earth seemingly being willfully lead by human AI impostors under a psychotic service to self prism.

Defending Sacred Ground suggests that if humans truly want to prevent an alien false flag scenario, the humans who are aware of it in such groups like MUFON and others, must stop the foolhardy waiting for a disclosure "for the good of humanity" and instead expedite the affirmation of non-hierachicial institutions of human sovereignty similar to those of pre-colonial indigenous societies which re-embraces a spirit of peace, empathy and love for each other.

Through such Earth Councils which express a commitment in the values of social justice and environmental protection shared by Ethical Off-world humans, it is alleged that these Ethical Extraterrestrials would officially reveal themselves; and then work with humanity to show how we as humans can protect ourselves from the spectre of a manipulative Alien False Flag Scenario.



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