Aliens Underground Wage War Against Humanity Through Above-Ground Hybrids Says U.S. Author

We're being attacked my Manipulative Aliens, And Just Don't Realize It!

The insights of a U.S. author suggest that not only does Hell actually exist - It's controlled by demonic aliens along with their allies that preside over major institutions.

The following has been excerpted the writings of Angellica Goodson Lord who reveals more details in her Amazon Kindle book HERE.

Ever since the 1930's aliens have been on the radar.  Most of us never knew it.  Most of us grew up with movies about aliens but always thought the basis for their existence was PRETTY UNLIKELY.  Why would an advanced race of space aliens want to come here?

What the SLEEPING SHEEPLE don't realize is that these evil beings have been around for thousands of not millions of years.  The story around why they are here was placed in ancient documents an encoded into the Bible for those people "smart enough" to understand its message. They were the "gods that walked among us" in days gone buy.  They were the gods of the Jewish Semites etc., in the Old Testament who were once of the alien human hybrid races who talked about these aliens that "Flit and Flew" in their "Chariots of Fire," "Whirling Wheels," "Clouds," and in vehicles with open cockpits where the "gods sat."  The ground rumbled as they took off.

If you follow their story what you find is that these evil beings hate humanity and all living creatures and have been launching a slow attack and take over of the world we live in for thousands of years.  According to ancient lore they once were members of a group created by higher dimensional beings to watch over humankind until the committed a mutiny and decided to destroy and or contaminate all life forms on earth.

When you dig deep into archeology, geology, science and legends you will discover that everything about our world that is evil was created or caused "BY THEM”. The Bible encodes a warning to humanity about them as the evil "Powers and Principalities of the Air who are the real rulers of the world we live in."

So then why isn't our governments being honest about their existence?

The answer is because the "Archons" who rule our world are their hybrid bloodline descendants who take orders from THEM.

Our Globalizing economic system and hierarchical structures of power which include corporations along with the political-military-industrial complex in general; organized religions; crime syndicates' mass-media organizations and legal systems presided over by courts and the police are apparently controlled by these archons.

If you listen to their plight what you will find is that they were forced out of a "heavenly dimension" that the Aeons as their WATCHERS had occupied and placed under our earth, which is called Tartarus by them.  The GOOD GUYS who appear to be the Aeons referred to by indigenous people as the "Creator" and his / her WATCHERS trapped them in Hell which is in caverns underground.  They at one time had free access to the surface but became corrupt so they were forced underground.

Now that is the basic story around them in a nutshell but theirs more.  It would seem that their intent was to thoroughly corrupt mankind and all living creatures on earth as they SECRETLY launched an ALIEN TAKE OVER OF THE PLANET.  They have a great deal of trouble operating on the surface for obvious reasons and because of their electromagnetism’s so they created alien human hybrid races and giant hybrids to rule the world we live in that TAKE ORDERS FROM THEM or who are UNDER THEIR CONTROL.

 THIS IS WHY THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO US ABOUT THEM.  THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY ASM'S ARE IN BED WITH THEM.  These Global Elite ASM's are their hybrid decedents.  This is why we have become a surveillance society with more Orwellian Nazi control over our citizens than we ever thought possible.  Our Shadow Government ASM's are ENABLING ALIENS TO LAUNCH THEIR TAKE OVER OF THE SURFACE OF OUR PLANET while the SLEEPING SHEEPLE SLEEP.

Majestic 12 and all government agencies are under a GAGUE ORDER to DENY, DENY, DENY.  There is a war going on between different divisions of our military over disclosure.  The Shadow Government and Military are very compartmentalized.  The ASM Shadow Government and Military operate with the highest top level secrecy clearance.  Secretary of the Navy and founding member of Majestic 12 James V. Forestall (see above) was allegedly murdered for wanting to go public about what he knew.

Keep in mind also that these same demonic alien beings also have giant hybrids working for them.  Hybrid human giants that range from 7-10 ft tall who live underground and at times fly UFO's.  They are the ones who send out their UFO's with their Gray WORKER BEES to abduct people.  The Grays are nothing more than living robots created using human foetuses which they genetically modify so that they hard wired to their Matrix.

All of this is right in front of our faces if people would JUST DO THEIR HOMEWORK. We are JUST NUMBERS TO THEM.

Yes we are under attack and have been through out time.  All you have to do is DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

You can engage in a litany of conversation around them, which usually starts with Area 51, Betty and Barney Hill etc., but in the end WE ARE UNDER ATTACK AND HAVE BEEN since before the melting of the last Ice Age.  The more they degrade humankind through a dependency on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the more control they have.

Aliens have almost completed the CONTROL GRID over the world today and have rigorously been working to install camera's on every corner, cell phones in our hands, smart meters on our homes,  surveillance equipment that will track us to the bathroom, check points and body scanners at our airports etc.  They have been trying to kill us by the food we eat, the shots we take, the air we breath etc., and they are doing these evil deeds using PEOPLE who are under their control who run the banks, corporations, governments, Hollywood, the FAKED Media and the list goes on they include the Jesuits who are at the top of their pyramid of global control.  Yes their ASM's are their puppets and they are THE PUPPET MASTERS.


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