Election: Stacey Sukova Runs for Trillium Party in Barrie-Innisfil

TRILLIUM CANDIDATE, STACEY SUKOVA for Barrie-Innisfil Touches on Many Issues to improve the conditions in her Riding.

The decision to join the Trillium Party of Ontario was clear to me as soon as I found out that provincial election would take place this year. I was always a big supporter of BobYaciuk, who inspired me as an independent thinker, unbiased political analyst, and caring person. He is a great example of best principles applied in practice - running a business, involved in the community, and helping so many candidates from other parties during provincial and federal elections. Bob is an optimist and so am I;  and I am glad I represent the Trillium Party in Barrie-Innisfil.

We are a democratic independent party, and no one can tell us what to stand for in terms of prospective plans, because we are not financially, nor legally obligated to lobby 3rd party interest. We have no huge budget provided by the government like for campaigning like the other four parties--we pay for our advertisingparaphernalia from own pockets and the donations we receive, but we DO represent the people - those who are looking for a responsible and caring government. 

As much as I love that my own riding is so diverse, the fact that for the past few decades there was nothing significant done by administration of all levels is frustrating.  Infrastructure simply is so outdated it is crying for help!.

Roads have not been repaired for years, and it is impossible to even travel the speed limit while driving.

Remote hospitals and the limited amount of on-call doctors make every emergency visit for seniors and family with small kids a real struggle. Line-ups in both RVH, as well as Southlake regional hospital, are unbelievable. There is no heart disease treatment centre in the riding, so people with serious cardiac issues have to be directed to Newmarket. Angioplasty is not a rare procedure and RVH does not perform this life saving procedure because it has no skilled personnel.

The Seniors population is large, and growing, and they are left to survive on their own, with not enough housing, care workers, or funding.

Public transportation is another big issue causing public debate, especially inInnisfil. The municipality offered foreign - based UBER as a substitute for fair rates without taking into consideration that people with disabilities, school kids, and seniors simply need a wheelchair or accessible transport.  They have safety concerns and simply used to ride bus for years. Now half of the rural community in remote areas refuse to support a public transportation initiative, saying they do not want to have their taxes increased. How can the government punish people for caring about others? Well, it looks like their small conscience allows it.

New condo projects and hotels are developed, but the municipality disregards residents’ concerns about access to the parks and waterfront.Parking is also an issue due to this new zoning development. People are so distant from the municipality that they keep complaining about absent bike trails, paths, recreation playgrounds for kids, and sports facilities, but will not take any action to show their own involvement. I would like to fix these broken links of a chain, so the riding development will benefit both businesses and residential areas.

Opioid abuse in Simcoe Region is tremendous. There are dozens of cases of teen overdoses in RVH, and the tendency is growing. When I participated in school debates, I found out that students do have their view and understanding and perspective of any drug use, but not too many realize that it all starts with the family involvement. Parents are so working to pay unaffordable bills, that kids wander the streets, lacking parental guidance and accountability.

 A lot of residents have to commute to work and back, so time to spend with the children is left at it’s minimum. We need to create many more job opportunities in the riding so people can afford to live AND work within their own community. With affordable wage rates for small businesses, licensed, affordable, and accessible daycares, and available after school sports ad recreation programs. more and more families will use and benefit from them.

Ecological concerns are raising concern in the neighborhood, especially with more access to the lake given to industries.Municipalities in co-op with conservation authorities need to strengthen ties with the community to make sure the neighborhood watches, takes responsibility, and treats the resources as their own!

I know that I would definitely be able to help Barrie-Innisfil to get going into the right direction because I represent people, not my party, in the government. I am free to use referendum, polls, voting cards, and simple communication to learn what my constituents want, even if it disagrees with my own personal views.   I am eager to give my constituents the voice to name problems and offer solutions. I simply want to make sure no one is overlooked when the continuing development is turning rural areas into urban attractions.

We should not sacrifice the interest of one group in favor of another. Everyone deserves equality is my riding, and in the province, and Trillium Party of Ontario can make this dream happen!

Please elect me, Stacey Surkova, so I can PROVE that I can make a difference in Barrie-Innisfil.


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