Election: Louise Runs for Trillium Party in Thunder Bay

Hydro Rates – They affect us all

Tony Adams (Independent Energy Consultant) spoke with Alan Neal of CBC’s “All in a Day” saying that the three big political parties are all making broad stroke promises but that each of their platforms do not stand up to scrutiny.

The Liberal’s continued Fair Hydro Plan will only further increase consumer hydro rates. Their accounting practices hide the true costs in deficits reported by the Auditor General and Government Financial Accountability Officers.

The NDP’s plan to reverse the sale of Hydro One by buying back shares with dividend monies already allocated for other programs. You can’t spend the money twice. The cutting hydro bills by 30% plan will be done by ending time-of use charges, cap private profit margins, and ensure rural users pay same delivery charge as urban but exempt First Nation communities. Changes cost money.

The PC’s plan to continue the Fair Hydro Plan and reverse sale of Hydro One if feasible after being elected.  They further state they will lower the hydro rates by 12%.

Tony Adams states there was a plan that showed merit. In February of 2018, there was a private members bill – by MPP, Jack MacLaren -- that would start to solve the Ontario’s hydro electricity plan.  It was a very thoughtful document!  It was Bill 197: The Affordable Electricity Act

Ending the show, Tony Adams said “There are glimmers of light from Queens Park.”

Vote Louise Ewen and the Trillium Party of Ontario


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