Election: Lonnie Herrington Runs for Trillium Party in Hastings Lennox and Addington

These views are those of Lonnie Herrington and not necessarily the platform of the Trillium Party in general.

Supporting Business

The biggest issue that I am talking wit h constituents about is the lack of jobs, and or decent paying jobs. Hastings Lennox and Addington once was a booming region that supplied many of the raw materials used in everyday products. Gold, Silver Colbalt, Lime as well as other minerals are present throughout our region. However, most of these mining operations have closed and left the region. Not for a lack of materials but because of the ever increasing assault on business that not only our provincial government but also our federal government.

Our region is filled with farmers and agricultural businesses that are also suffering because of the interference by our governments.

As a business owner with multiple employees I understand the difficulties that Ontario business owners are having.

Over regulations, over taxation, interference and government meddling are affecting each of us. Hydro rates, as well, are putting businesses out of operation. Trade agreements that allow products, once made in Ontario, to be imported into Ontario are killing our ability to produce and manufacture products right here at home. For instance, Ontario presently has a $40 billion deficit with China alone. Just imagine the amount of other countries that we are in deficit to.

Ontario has been forced out of the global markets because all three of the oldest Parties in Ontario have been more concerned with the own personal power and profit then the people they are elected to represent. We need to provide a business-friendly atmosphere for businesses to grow, expand, and look to the future. 70-80% of the jobs in Ontario are provided by private business. The better support that we give to our small business, our medium business and our corporations the better off that the people of Ontario will be.

We need to lower taxes, lower hydro rates and reduce regulations, stop the trade agreements that are taking away our jobs and we need to ban foreign oils from entering Ontario and buy our local products from Canada. Plain and Simple.

Ontario is the greatest province in Canada but thanks to our Liberal PC and NDP governments of the past 40 years, we are losing that status.

As MPP for Hastings Lennox and Addington, my personal platform will be to fight to:

Reduce hydro rates to the lowest price possible. Our Party has already introduced legislation to do just that. Bill 197 was introduced on Feb 22, 2018. 

Reduce regulations in Ontario by 30% while keeping our workforce safe.

Dismantle WSIB and incorporate that program into our social service program to meet the needs of Ontario.

Reduce the fees for mineral exploration and mining so that mining operations can re-open in our riding.

Work for an After HoursTax Credit of $13K for business owners for all those late night and after hours hours that they put in to keep their businesses running.

Provide a tax credit for farmers of $60K on farm income to help our farmers reinvest and continue to provide us safe, affordable, nutritious foods.

Change the tax rate for sole proprietors to the same as corporate tax rates so that these owners have more money to invest in their businesses and provide more good paying jobs for our communities.

Reduce corporate tax rates by 50%

When we invest in our businesses and industry we create jobs. When people have jobs their quality of life goes up, Health issues are decreased, their lifestyles are better, their food insecurities are reduced and government services are better funded.  The Trillium Party and its candidates believe in just that. We have said that we support business in Ontario and these types of changes are going to do just that.  No more talk;just action.

Lonnie Herrington


Hastings Lennox and Addington

Trillium Party of Ontario.



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