Self-Publishing: I Need Help With A Service Provider For My Book

Do you need help finding a service provider for your book?  Or maybe are you just seeking a free tip?  Now as a writer you can get information for potential service providers who can expedite the production or marketing of your self-published book project.

"The Skype hotline has been helping many authors since we started it", says Peter Tremblay who directs the service.

Simply add to your Skype ID -  This service is coordinated by veterans of the book publishing industry who seeking to help you get services that may have been alluding you for months or even years.

"Many writers have thanked us both for our free tips and enabling their book to turn about much better than expected though our service providers.  Sales are now on track", adds Peter Tremblay.

These sought service providers possibly may include for your book projects.  graphic designers; professional typesetters; professional book cover designers; publicists; printers and so much more.  Get free tips on how to protect your intellectual property; avoid certain kinds of scams. and so much more.

"Writers convey to us that we have saved them thousands of dollars while also helping to ensure their commercial success", Tremblay adds.

In the above video, we will see a comprehensive presentation on the book self-publishing process which Tremblay's team had sponsored.

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