PM Justin Trudeau Chooses Big Oil Over Canada's Poor on Pipeline Deal

OTTAWA - According to the Justin Trudeau government there's no additional money to take care of basic human needs.  This pivots to the access that Canadians including First Nations communities have to basic housing and an efficient system of healthcare.  However, that didn`t stop him from finding an extra $3.5-billion to give away on the Trans Mountain pipeline.

I wish Mr Trudeau was as passionate about fighting to eradicate poverty in Canada and defending the universal public healthcare system as he is with constantly defending the importance of a pipeline that could one day destroy the coast of British Columbia with totally irreversible damage.

“We are absolutely shocked and appalled that Canada is willingly investing taxpayers’ money in such a highly controversial fossil fuel expansion project,” said Grand Chief Stewart Philip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, in an emailed statement. “We will not stand down no matter who buys this ill-fated and exorbitantly priced pipeline.”

The Alberta NDP government along with the Trudeau Liberals like the money that rich donors who support Big Oil also use to support their electoral campaigns.  For Trudeau and the Alberta NDP, let the environment be damned along with the vital quality-of-life needs of all Canadians.


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