Tall Aliens Assault Wyoming Resident

Date: 17 May, 2018.

Place: Superior, Wyoming State, United States.

A few days ago, on 17 May, a very strange incident occurred in the small village of Superior, Wyoming.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident allegedly had a close encounter with two “tall and muscular” alien beings.

“I was outside, eating some deep fat fried chicken, with my two-year-old Boston Terrier barking at me for some of the aforementioned chicken, which was deep fat fried. Suddenly, some lights appeared and a triangle-shaped ship landed on the ground. My dog, named Iggy, ran towards the UFO, barking angrily at it”, the author of the report commented. “I ran after the small pooch, when an aura, resembling a flame, was launched from the upmost tip of the triangle onto the ground at a diagonal angle, causing Iggy to run back to me in fear. From the aura, two alien beings slowly appeared on the ground”, he continued.

The Wyoming resident also stated that the two entities were “tall and muscular”, and looked like apes. “They were tall and muscular, with their figure resembling an ape; however, the upper body from the shoulders up was constructed from a steel-like material, but coloured in bright red”, he asserted. “One of them appeared to be bigger and more muscular than the other, which I assume to be male”, he added.

“I took a step back, when the larger alien approached me and put its hand on my head. Upon this, I saw various events, like memories, both ones that I myself vividly remember, and ones that I either do not remember, or are just not mine”, the American citizen affirmed. “I used to take boxing lessons when I was younger, which I did see vividly during this sequence of events. I was terrified by this, but I also felt a strange melancholy”, he expressed.

Finally, the alleged extraterrestrial visitor punched the witness in the face and then proceeded to return to their ship. “The creature jabbed at my face, sending me to the ground, but keeping me conscious. As I laid there, Iggy [the dog] ran over to bark at them, when the smaller alien picked him up, causing him to instantly calm. They then returned to the ship, and the ship flew off, where I then fell unconscious”, the man explained.

Draw your own conclusions...

For more information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=92071&rnd=


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