Ontario: Premier Wynne's Liberals Could Be Wiped-Out With Zero Seats in Legislature

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was an arguably much more reckless at destroying Canada than can be credited to Premier Kathleen Wynne.  However, Stephen Harper never brought down the Conservative Party of Canada the way in which Wynne has brought down the Ontario Liberals.  Now, thanks to Wynne, the Liberals might be completely wiped out of the Ontario Liberals with no seats at Queen's Park relative to the Conservatives in Ottawa which remained a strong party even with the defeat of the Stephen Harper government after years of politically destructive behaviour.

One very politically salient difference between Kathleen Wynne and Stephen Harper is that one leader is male and one is female.  Unfortunately, both men and women seem to be more forgiving to bad male leaders than bad female ones.  So, to remain in Office, females have to work harder to appear to be much better leaders than their male counterparts.

The even bigger difference between Stephen Harper (any many other similar unpopular leaders) and Kathleen Wynne is that whereas Mr Harper always sought to appear to be constructively serving at least part of the electorate, it has become apparent that Wynne doesn't seem to really care about anyone else politically than her own ego.

As a result, any so-called promises she sought to make in the current election had the complete appearance of being little more than hot air and the rantings of a self-serving clown with no political integrity whatsoever.  I can't even think of one likeable Minister in her cabinet who all seemed to suffer from the same egomaniac tendencies of Kathleen Wynne.


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