Ontario Election: Doug Ford's Campaign Rejects Democracy, Emulates Fascism

Doug Ford would like Ontario voters who are fed up with the political apathy and corruption of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals that the Ontario PCs promise to offers a change for the better.  However, Doug Ford's political pedigree comes from the most corrupt halls of Toronto "Family Compact" Old Boys background politics.  This includes Ford's decision to muzzle candidates invited to All-Candidates Debates across the province.

Many Ontario PC candidates skipped debates --  a trend that recalls similar absenteeism among federal Conservative candidates under Stephen Harper. Candidates from other Ontario parties, meanwhile, have been far more likely to show up.

“It implies that the only person you need to hear from is the leader and everybody else is just a potted plant and you put your “X” beside Ford and everything else will be fine,” said Robin Sears, a former NDP strategist of 20 years, now a principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group.

This is not how our parliamentary democracy is supposed to work, says Duff Conacher, director of Democracy Watch. “Any campaign that tries to control access and control the message is a campaign that is hurting the voters’ right to choose the person they really want to represent them,” he said.

Meredith Cartwright, the Toronto Centre candidate who hired actors to pose as Ford supporters at a leadership debate, was a no-show at an all-candidates’ meeting in Corktown that was attended by the Liberal, NDP and Green party candidates and at a meeting on Wednesday that was attended only by the NDP and Green candidates. She has not spoken publicly since the crowd-for-hire controversy erupted.

Ford's attempt to present an aura of "populism" while rejecting democracy is a page out of Benito Mussolini's Fascist ideology.  Mussolini was the Italian leader who supported Adolf Hitler's Nazi's during World War II. Wikipedia elaborates that "The Doctrine of Fascism" ("La dottrina del fascismo") is an essay attributed to Benito Mussolini.

Like other fascists, it is apparent that Ford believes in an elite driven system of government which will be run in favour of the richest members of Big Business enterprises and to the detriment of small business owners and communities across Ontario.  It's also fascism which inspired Doug Ford to repress much of his official policy agenda and costs associated with that agenda because him and his confederates know that such a fascist agenda would be rejected by much of Ontario.

So, if you too reject democracy and want Mussolini-style politics in Ontario, vote for Doug Ford and his junta of Ontario fascists.


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