Ontario Election: Kevin Clarke Offers Positive Change Message in Toronto-Centre

Elect a Strong voice for all.

Vote The People, The People's Political Party

Issues The People's Political Party of Ontario Will Address:

1 - Child Care: We will improve the Quality of Child Care in the riding where needed  ,Children are our future leaders and builders of our society. The People's Political Party will ensure a Strong, safe and positive environment for children to grow, and parents to feel secure that Ontario is a positive environment to bring up their Children.

2 - Seniors Care: Our Seniors Have Contributed Dearly to our Community and the building of our society. The People's Political Party will focus on what needs to be done for our senior to live a decent and prosperous life, we will focus our attention and resources to keep as many seniors active, independent and comfortable as possible in the building of our community and, ensure their housing, health care and living needs are provided.

3 - Youth Care: Our youth are a valuable part of our society, many of our youth have disconnected themselves from the community. The People's Political Party  will restore confidence back into our youth by ensuring there is greater opportunities for them to excel,no longer will we just throw money at our problems and expect money to solve them.

Our youth need guidance, opportunity, attention and a positive environment to excel to the best of their abilities.The People's Political Party campaign Team will vigorously work to improve services for our youth..

4 -  Health Care: Our health is the most important thing we have, next to the breath we breathe. Our health care system is in poor condition more and more our health care services are geared to focus on funding and paperwork The People's Political Party will work vigorously to see that more and better services are put in place for patients care and we will restore confidence back , when you or yourr love-ones enter our health care system care and recovery are our utmost priority.

5 -  Education: Our schools are falling apart, a large amount of children are losing their way and falling into crack that leads to destructive behavior which eventually leads to crime, violence, drugs and conflicts with our community The People's Political Party will work to address these children's needs before they become a social problem. A safe learning environment must be our priority The People's Political Party will vigorously work to ensure that.

6 - Transportation and Transit Services: The People's Political Party will work to ensure that our transportation service are safe, reliable and cost efficient to provide productive service for all in our ridings, there is a large concern regarding the eroding conditions of our roads and the large amount of traffic fatalities. We will work with different levels of government to create safer road condition that give confidence to residents that they and their loved ones are not at risk when they enter our public road ways, we will vigorously work to inspire better driving habits and roads safety awareness.

7 - Employment and Small Businesses: Small businesses are a valued part of all communities The People's Political Party values small businesses,small businesses are great contributors to communities for they tend to hire more people of low income in the communities and they are a great outlet for student and youth to get employment opportunities and the experiences needed to strive outside the community, The People's Political Party will work vigorously to attract more small business to build and grow in our community

8 - Poverty: Poverty is a terrible thing and so many family's in our community are stricken by it we must insure that all in the Province of Ontario don't have to struggle or go without. Their everyday needs we must see that family children and the most vulnerable in our society are looked after. will work vigorously to ensure we build a Province that is inclusive of all, respectful and productive for all.

The People's Political Party is The Voice of The People for we are The People Not Politicians, and we ask for your support and vote on June 7 2018.

Thank You
Kevin Clarke (Campaign Manager)
The People's Political Party Campaign Team.

To Volunteer or Contributed Please Call or Text (647)745-2768 or email (Peoplespartyjustice@gmail.com)


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