Election: Eric Brazau Runs Cultural Action Party in Toronto's Beaches Riding

Eric Brazau – Candidate for beaches

I am a person with varied experience. Art – sales – contracting

I do not ascribe to any political ideology.  AS for religion Raised a Catholic, worshiped as Anglican for 4 years and practiced Buddhism for five.

Was born in Montreal in 64. Was anti-French separatist only for identity politics. Today I would vote yes in the referendum.

Canada has lost its Nation to the Globalist agenda. We are a debtor nation with no intention of regaining sovereignty.

Many policies are predicated on false unchallenged assumptions.

Some mistakes cannot be rectified. Ex: Islam is a religion of peace. All Muslims want to live in harmony. Maybe but maybe not. It is a fact that in every Muslim community exist a percentage of extreme misunderstanding Muslims willing to kill and die for Allah. The question I want to ask is. What percentage is acceptable? Why is Justin willing to roll the dice with our live concerning returning irregular ISIS travelers?

We need more than ever to debate issues that many find uncomfortable.


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