Kumari Fulbright – Making a Difference in the Lives of Women

At the age of 35, Kumari Fulbright has achieved what many other women could only dream of. But despite her impressive credentials, she wants all women to learn how to live life to its fullest. By establishing the Freedom Initiative Project, Kumari lends a helping hand to struggling women and helps them put the pieces of their lives back together.

A History of Helping

Throughout her life, Kumari Fulbright has always found herself looking for ways to help the less fortunate. During her childhood, her parents instilled in her mind the value of providing assistance to the needy, even if it means making compromises in other aspects of her life.

She used to spend a lot of her free time doing community service in various schools and soup kitchens. In fact, this served as their family bonding. Perhaps more importantly, it is this experience that introduced Kumari to the deeper meaning of family. Other than her parents and siblings, she realized that treating everyone around her like family is the key to making herself and other people happy.

Her love for community service extended into her school years. In middle school and high school, Kumari continued to dedicate her time to doing different community activities such as tutoring out-of-school youth, starting outreach programs, and participating in disaster relief efforts.

To this day, Kumari brings with her the unforgettable memories she has spent in community service during her childhood. Her jovial personality perfectly matches her soft heart for those in need, which reflects her lifelong advocacy to empower the less fortunate and make them feel that they are living in a free world.

Entertainment and Entrepreneurship

Before becoming a self-made entrepreneur, Kumari Fulbright has found success in the entertainment industry. Her job as a model enabled her to work in different environments and with people from all walks of life. Back in her college years, Kumari founded an event planning company. She says that this business is born out of her love of hosting parties. Seeing people have an amazing time and knowing that it is because of her brings unparalleled joy. Interestingly, her company Princess Productions booked acts on Eminem’s record label and Eminem himself attended in support.

Right now, Kumari also busies herself with screenwriting. She has teamed up with Aloris entertainment to co-found Shades of Black Productions. The company is now developing two television series pilots which have garnered interest from Netflix.

With all of her experience in the business world, Kumari Fulbright wants to share her knowledge with women struggling to make their business idea come to life. She knows full well how difficult it is to start a business and keep it profitable over the long term. This is why she provides training materials to interested women, teaching them the basics so they can have a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career in entrepreneurship.

The Freedom Initiative Project

Kumari Fulbright never stops juggling several things in her hands. But perhaps her most significant achievement is the Freedom Initiative Project. This not-for-profit organization is founded to women realize their capabilities, reach their potential, and achieve independence.

After going through her own traumatic experiences and period of transition, Kumari understands that it isn’t easy to pick oneself back up after a troubling time. This applies in particular to those who do not have a solid support group. It isn’t uncommon to hear stories about women suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder and being unable to overcome their problems for an extended period.

Through her organization, Kumari aims to help these women face their challenges. Women who are experiencing transition and dislocation are reached out to, as these women have been shown to have the most difficulty trying to start life anew.

Take for instance women who have just been released from jail. It proves difficult for them to land any kind of job. In most cases, they do not even know where to take shelter. Their families might not accept them after the crime they have committed, rendering them homeless.

Freedom Initiative Project is raising funds and looking for donations to offer long term housing solutions to those in need. The organization also educates women on how to go through their day-to-day lives without worrying too much about what other people have to say about their past experiences. By improving their life skills, the Freedom Initiative Project believes that all women have the ability to live a normal life, enter the workforce, and get access to housing.

Little Steps Go a Long Way

The dream of Kumari Fulbright is for every woman to understand herself more than any other person. It is only through this that she can overcome any difficulties life throws at her. The Freedom Initiative Project encourages women to take little steps towards achieving their goals. No matter how long it takes, what’s important is that these women reach their destination using their own skills, knowledge, and experience.

With ample support from the members of the organization, the path to recovery proves easier and more fun for its members. Kumari herself has gone through difficult patches in life, but she has learned how to focus on the things over which she has control instead of wasting time trying to change the unchangeable. Her diverse experience is something worth taking inspiration from.

Kumari Fulbright is a living reminder that it is never too late. Regardless of how low you are feeling at this point in your life, you still have time left to start fresh. Just remember that the next step is to start now. By joining the Freedom Initiative Project, you can interact with other women dealing with their own personal battles and learn from their experiences. Together, you can rise above your problems with the guidance and support of Kumari and the rest of the organization.

The Freedom Initiative Project is still in its early stages, but is rapidly expanding its reach across the country. To receive updates about their awareness campaigns, head over to freedominitiativeproject.org. To know more about Kumari, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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