How Kathleen Wynne Failed in the Art of Politics

The Ontario Liberals expected defeat at the polls has been attributed by various media pundits and political opponents as the result of "Liberal corruption".  However, the Wynne government was certainly not the only or even most corrupt government in Canadian history.  Indeed, there have been many very corrupt governments at all levels of government which have enjoyed re-election.  This includes the former Stephen Harper government which I thought would never go.

Indeed, it can be argued that the Wynne government in the later parts of its term had embarked on initiatives like raising the minimum wage which in theory should have brought droves of organized support from communities including youth that had suffered under lower wages.  But this initiative didn't enjoy much love during election day, and there lies the personal failure of the now ex-premier.

The Premier Kathleen Wynne's government's terrible showing at the polls cannot be credibility the result of simply a perception of "corruption".  Rather, Wynne's terrible showing is the result of her apparent lack of any substantive effort to connect, in any endearing way, to any community of voters.  However, let's be blunt about it.  Wynne wasn't the most corrupt leader in Canadian politics, but she may have one of the coldest personalities ever.

Wynne sought to run the province more so like an aloof public servant and not like a Premier seeking to serve and passionately represent the people of Ontario.

In Doug Ford, much of the voters of Ontario saw a passion completely lacking in Wynne.

Wynne's late attempts to announce new progressive policies to stop a political onslaught did not get much voter traction because of Wynne's melancholy presentation.

Even though many voters might suspect corruption from a Ford government, they were apparently  persuaded by the passion that Ford conveyed and to a certain extent the NDP leader, which was completely lacking in Wynne who failed to cultivate any constituency endeared to her other than perhaps her own riding which she won.

Wynne is a great member of the Ontario legislature who failed miserably as the leader of Canada's most populous province.  Only a "personality makeover" long before the election could have saved her government from imminent defeat.


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