Ontario Election: Shawn Rizvi Runs for Green Party in Etobicoke Centre

Hi my name is Shawn Rizvi and I am your Etobicoke Centre GPO Candidate for 2018.

My vision for the schools is to make bold changes in the education system, to maximize outcomes in the classroom, and to deliver the best results for students. Last week I visited an elementary school in Central Etobicoke, where I spoke about the increased need for special education funding. It is essential for our school board to address the challenge of meeting the needs of children with learning exceptionalities and mental health issues

Coming from Bay Street I want to use my business acumen to find creative ways for collaboration with local businesses and raise funding together for our underfunded schools and after school programs.

I am dedicated to preparing our kids for the next generation of careers. If the next generation of students are going to face artificial intelligence (and other disruptive technologies) then we need to prepare them now by encouraging leadership, teaching them essential life skills such as managing personal finances, building there confidence when studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematical), and strengthening there skills in innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Furthermore, I believe that for every good grade received comes a well-balanced diet.

My plan for our students include implementing a comprehensive nutrition awareness program in earlier grades to help minimize the health concerns that are associated with a poor and imbalanced diet.

Improving local transportation for both seniors and students is also key to my campaign. I want to support schools in providing more school buses and school bus routes. At the same time, I continue to advocate for the tunneling of the LRT and working with the TTC to improve bus options in the area so seniors do not have to take several buses to get to nearby destinations. Currently, it is a whirlwind of “zig-zag” just to get to Sherway Gardens Shopping Mall from some places in Etobicoke center.

For seniors especially, I continue to push for an array of healthcare upgrades including expanding our free healthcare to include pharmacare. I will remain a voice to protect our front-line staff and essential hospital services in upcoming budgets, and advocate for policies that will expand services for affordable home care, better accessibility infrastructure and building a new community center in the region that will provide essential meeting spaces and recreation programs for seniors. There are people suffering from MS, cancer, arthritis and diabetes in my riding, and we need to do more for them.

Furthermore, while pushing for new improvements in the community, it is important that we preserve the unique character of our neighborhoods. I will ensure new residential developments provide affordable housing options for residents, implement safeguards to reduce congestion and dangerous traffic around our children, protect green spaces, and provide reinvestment dollars for future community initiatives (such as a new community center).

Graduating from the local high school Richview CI I am motivated to give back and serve the community that raised me.

I hope I can count on your vote and I look forward to hearing from you.

I can be reached at Shawnrizvi@GPO.CA

GPO MPP Candidate - Etobicoke Centre - Shawn Rizvi


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