Anthony Bourdain`s Honesty a Context for Scepticism on Suicide Narrative

Like so many other people out there, I loved Anthony Bourdain.  He brought an honesty lacking in the word of "Television Chefs" specifically and "TV" in general.  In the New Yorker, Helen Rosner encapsulated our love for Bourdain when she remarked the following:

"Bourdain’s fame wasn’t the distant, lacquered type of an actor or a musician, bundled and sold with a life-style newsletter. Bourdain felt like your brother, your rad uncle, your impossibly cool dad—your realest, smartest friend, who wandered outside after beers at the local one night and ended up in front of some TV cameras and decided to stay there."

Like many people, I was shocked to hear reports that Bourdain "killed himself".

When somewhat as brutally honest as Anthony Bourdain is found to have committed "suicide" in my view there is reason to pause.  Indeed, any time we're confronted with information, as critically thinking human beings it ought to be always reason to pause [i.e. video above].

Didn't Princess Di have that accident that also happened in France?

What we're confronted as humans beings is a convenient narrative of Bourdain's troubled past and a circumstantial context for suicide.  However that does not explicate why someone at any particular moment would commit suicide.

The problem that we face as human beings is that we're living in a world in which dark forces of "rich and the powerful" who seek to control society can make things fit within convenient narratives and get agents to then act out and say things which are then published in the media they control.

Indeed I have seen situations in which "rich and powerful" interests coordinated a fiction and then even threatened judges to buy into the contrived scenario.

Whatever the real cause of Antonio Bourdain's passing, it is apparent that he will be greatly missed by fans, family, friends and colleagues alike as a truly unique. congenial, sincere and passionate ambassador of food, and culinary cultures.


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