Trump's World View: G-7 Diplomatic Invasion Re-Kindles War of 1812 like Passions

The House of Commons passed a unanimous motion on Monday 11 June 2018 to “stand in solidarity with the government of Canada” on its decision to impose retaliatory tariffs, and reject any personal attacks from the Donald Trump's White House against "mild and meek" Canadians.  The last time Parliament may have been so united against U.S. behaviour might have been the War of 1812 when the Americans under then President Andrew Jackson invaded Canada.

Trump's White House vision of international trade is apparent.  U.S. President Trump wants Canada, Mexico and the rest of the word to be colonial plantations of U.S. Big Business enterprises - and what the U.S. wants the U.S. should get.

Trump doesn't conceive of the world as a community of nations that each have responsibilities to ensuring the betterment of their people.  Rather, in Trump's apparent view, be damned with the people, if a U.S. agribusiness corporation wants to buy out and destroy the Canadian dairy industry and other farmers they out to be.

Trump and his entourage of ex military elites share an imperialistic and brutal "survival or the fittest" view of capitalism and the quickest that other democracies can be bullied into accepting this construct is the quicker that America's elites can consolidate their quest for global domination.


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