Geoffrey Kelley Leaves Quebec's Liberal Government

Geoffrey Kelley, who has represented the West Island for more than two decades in the Quebec National Assembly, announced Monday, 11 June 2018 that he's leaving provincial politics.

During his time in office, he earned a reputation as a promoter of various West Island projects and was instrumental in drawing up Quebec's assisted dying legislation.

But his work as minister of native affairs didn't result in indigenous issues getting prominent attention.

Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador Chief Ghislain Picard said his relationship with Kelley was positive but wished he'd had more impact.

"As a minister, I'm not sure he got the kind of attention that our issues deserve in cabinet," Picard said.

He cited land and resources as a file where little progress was made over the past 15 years, but Picard also attributed that to a lack of political will by the Quebec Liberals.

As Global-TV’s Tim Sargeant reports above, the cabinet minister says this is the right time for him to leave politics.


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