Andrea Horwarth: Ontario NDP Could Have Won With a More Pleasant Leader

Ontario's NDP had thought that there was a strong possibility that they and not Doug Ford's PCs could have won the election.  Many media pundits blame for the loss the way in which rural and urban ridings are divided favouring more conservative parts of Ontario.  However, there's one big reason that media pundits have failed to mention.

Andrea Horwarth is in no way a congenial NDP leader in the style of late-Jack Layton who Canadians of all political persuasions felt a sense of bonding and connection.  Indeed, I would go as far to say that Andrea Horwarth on a personal level is pretty unpleasant.

I support the substance of NDP policies.  But having worked in the Ontario NDP I don't like her at all and won't vote for the NDP as long as she's there.  Indeed, I think there were many people in Ontario who also love NDP ideals but don't find her an attractive leader.

Do you know where Andrea's Horwarth's unpleasantness comes out in very distinctive way?  Just go to YouTube, find a video where's she's speaking and close your eyes.  Now, isn't that the most unpleasant voice you have not only heard in politics but maybe your whole entire life?

Andrea's Horwath's voice expresses the harshness that she's about.  There is no "softness" really in Andrea Horwarth.

In my view she's just a cold, calculating caricature of suburbanite who has found a way to rise to power by parroting "progressive issues" that in no way conveys the passions of an empathetic 'social progressive' in the traditions of Jack Layton, Ed Broadbent and Tommy Douglas.  In Andrea Horwarth, I heard great lines of fabulous policies without conveying the kind of soulful connection that would be able to connect a cross section of Ontario that would have been required for she to have become the next Premier.


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