Upwork.com: Activities Suggest Racism Against Black Freelancers

Upwork seems to be a great platform for employers and freelancers alike.  On the freelance side, photos are displayed of each freelancer along with their skills.  But one thing I noticed about this site is that although there are photos featured of freelancers of diverse skin colours, I saw few black people and particularly black males.  I thought that this may be a coincidence until I tried to apply with my tremendous professional experience and PhD studies background.

Upwork.com's apparent prejudice against black people in general and black males in particular became apparent.  To-date, I have applied to this site well over 25 times with my black face and each and every time I was rejected.  At the same time, my white and Asian friends who presented the same skills were all accepted.

If you're black and have encountered similar apparent systematic discrimination at Upwork,com, we want to hear your story.

I note that my application to freelancer sites from Fiverr.com to Freelancer.com were all accepted.


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