Anthony Bourdain's Tragedy Incites Concerns Over Demonic Aliens

More and more videos on YouTube are surfacing about allegations that Anthony Bourdain was "suicided" by demonic aliens that have seized the minds of various human hosts.  According to John Lash, the ancient Pagan Gnostics had discovered archons as the "humanized face of aliens" to have infiltrated elite levels of various organizations.  David Icke suggests that such manipulative aliens have sought to take over various power structures so they can be used against humans like Anthony Bourdain [above video].

In the video above, it becomes apparent that Anthony Bourdain felt happy about his life; wanted to live as an example for his daughter and in no way appeared to be in any suicidal state.  Unfortunately, corruption is a French "way of life" and the apparent norm of police in France and is the perfect place to cover up wrong doings against Bourdain.  In a place like U.S. and many other societies it would be much more difficult to keep a "lid" on such a "suicide".

What do you think?  Just a "conspiracy theory"?  Post your comments below.

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