New Jersey Artist Paints His Abduction Experiences

A few days ago, journalist Jacob Dirnhuber published on British online newspaper The Sun a very interesting article about the strange case of David Huggins, a 72-year-old artist from Hoboken, New York, who decided to paint his alien abduction experiences. He affirmed to have lost his virginity “to an extraterrestrial female” and also said he “fathered dozens of alien babies”.

“UFO lover David Huggins claims to have lost his virginity to a busty extraterrestrial called Crescent after walking through a forest when he was just 17”, Mr Dirnhuber wrote. “The UFO lover says he was first visited by aliens at the age of eight”, he added.

Mr Huggins compiles his experiences in a documentary called Love and Saucers. He explained: “my first encounter was when I was eight years old. I was playing at the base of a tree, and I hear this voice say, ‘David, behind you’”.

“And I turned around and there’s this little hairy guy with large glowing eyes coming straight towards me. I thought it was the bogey man. I didn’t know what to think of it”, he commented.

His parents did not believe the story, so he decided not to mention it anymore. However, after all these years, he finally revealed the truth. The painter also claimed “to have met little hairy aliens, grey aliens and insectoid aliens”, but he is also “keen to point out that he has not bedded all of them”.

Finally, the New Jersey resident asserted that he used to go to alien abductees meetings, but he finally gave up since he considered them “too depressing”.

Draw your own conclusions…

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