Aliens: Black Helicopters Are Allegedly Linked To Humanoid Entities

On 05 June, YouTube user and UFO enthusiast UFOMania posted a very interesting video about a series of strange sightings that have been linked to alien abductions and cattle mutilation.

According to the information gathered by the ufologist, groups of strange flying objects similar to black helicopters have been seen hovering in the sky moments before an alien abduction occurs.

“They [the objects] take their name from the fact that they are completely black in color. They lack all the plates or identification marks”, the user commented. “They have appeared in cases of alien abduction, cattle mutilation events and nocturnal UFO encounters”, he added.

Many investigations suggest that such craft could be related to secret operations performed by intelligence agencies. However, others affirm that this phenomenon is not from this world. “There are lots of reports that claim to have seen black helicopters flying silently that became the shapes of the classic flying saucers, small balls of lights or in large, blinding balls of light”, the author of the video stated.  

It is very likely that these objects have some sort of relationship with the NHE (Non-human Entities). The NHE are alleged human experiments that could not be successfully completed. “Those black helicopters are direct productions of the NHE, but many are related to military programs, especially with respect to the execution of controls and surveillance at the sites of mutilation and the so-called victims of kidnappings”, UFOMania explained.

In reference to this issue, YouTube users have expressed different points of view. Kitty Stevens posted a very interesting reply: “the majority of times I see UFOs, there's a black helicopter following the UFOs and me. Whoever's in the black helicopters has a device that can read my mind (it's not their own telepathic ability, as I can block all humans who are telepathic from reading my mind); they've never communicated back or tried to control my thoughts but they monitor my brain waves all the while I'm below the UFO and as so are aware I know they're scanning me”, she said.

On the other hand, user Teddy Dunford commented: “the deep state is working with the fallen ones and their demon children to create a one world government, and to fight against he who is coming, the creator of all”.

Draw your own conclusions…

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