Justin Trudeau Should Take More Heat For Declining Canada Day Crowds in Ottawa

Many media pundits would have us believe that the heat is solely to blame for declining attendance in downtown Ottawa for Canada Day,  The fact of the matter is that former Prime Minister arguably did a lot of damage to Canada, but Canada Day in downtown Ottawa was way more organized during his government.  It is apparent that the Department of Canadian Heritage and the National Capital Commission have been seeking to limit much of their organized work to artistic performance on Parliament Hill that can be seem on TV anyways.

My big love for actually seeking to revel in Canada Day with large crowds was the many organized Canada Day activities along Sparks Street, parts of Elgin Street and Rideau Street into the ByWard Market which had its heyday during Stephen Harper's government.  These organized activities ranged from street performers to a big hamburger / barbeque area sponsored by Loblaws to various showcases.  In contrast, the Justin Trudeau government has been extremely lazy and negligent in taking leadership on Canada Day except for all levels of police present which created a para-military presence.  Heck, I even saw Canadian military police on top of numerous RCMP and City of Ottawa Police.

During Stephen Harper's government there were all kinds of fun activities on Rideau Street beside Rideau Centre which included musical performances and a large exhibition of skateboarders.  This year, the best that Justin Trudeau and Ottawa's Mayor Jim Watson could offer as "entertainment" there was an ugly looking City of Ottawa truck (above photo) used to block the trespassing of  car traffic.  How lazy can you get?  If this is the best Justin can do, maybe I should next year should also consider staying home and watching what I want on the CBC, regardless of temperatures.


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